Looking for: Back Issues of Ikea Cataloges

By | May 30, 2012

Yesterday morning I was checking instagram when a picture by dear fellow blogger 3ateeja caught my attention. The picture was of a couple of old Ikea catalog dating back to 1985 masha2 Allah! Mamma mia!

I kept staring at the orange couch, ever since I could remember I’ve been fascinated with Ikea. As a little kid in the 80’s I never ever went into the kids area to play, rather walked around the store, looking at the furniture in awe and promising myself that one day when I grow up I will have a similar house -probably why 3/4 my furniture does come from Ikea-.

I dug out my cherished collection of Ikea catalogs, I have almost every issue since 2002, ten years back! Thumbing through the 2002 catalog made me smile fondly, imagine how thumbing through the 1990 catalog would feel? or the 1980? The designs of that era? New age retro!

I went online searching and to my surprise I wasn’t the only one looking for back copies of the Ikea catalog. Apparently they are sought after and you can make money off selling them in ebay. I even went to ebay and looked for them but there were only ones back to 2004. I have several copies of the years I have, I wonder if I can sell them too :p

So, if you happen to know, or see, or have any back issues of the catalogs and willing to sell it, please let me know. A scan of the pages would ease my curiosity -and many many others!-. Maybe I should try Friday market? Ikea should put together a book of their styles throughout the ages and sell it for people!!!

9 Responses to “Looking for: Back Issues of Ikea Cataloges”

  1. Bo_hubash says:

    ماشالله !!!
    توني أدري ان ايكيا موجود من الثيمانينات
    شكرا على المعلومه

    • danderma says:

      من زمان موجود، اهلي عندهم مكتبة من إيكيا من الثمانينات و ليلحين مافيها زلق على حطتها تينن

  2. Jacqui says:

    I don’t know where we keep ours I think I got rid of a couple way back when! 😛

  3. Felixia says:


    I am looking for the plan what were included in the old issue during 80-90’s. I couldn’t find these anywhere. My last solution is to find someone who have these and aggree to scan the pages concerned.
    May I ask you if you would accept to scan this few pages to me ?

    Thanks for your answer.

  4. Mary Kay says:

    Saw ur post above, and am desparate for your help! I have 2 Effektiv 2-drawer file cabinets in beech, along with 2 bookcases bought in 2003. Have the receipt but the cabinet price is itemized into each of it’s respective parts and their codes are indecipherable. Hence I cant figure out the price I paid for these file cabinets. IF u DO still have the ikea 2003 catalogue is there ANY way u could email me the info on their page showing the name of each piece of the file cabinet? It has a black base, into which the beech wood frame sits, then there are two drawer fronts, and the inside file frames. I must add up the prices of these in order to come up with the total price per cabinet. THANKS MUCH! mary kay usa 619-863-0816

    • danderma says:

      Hmmm I do have the catalogue, I think! Let me look it up and will email you my find.