Are you Afraid of Having Your Picture Appear in Blogs? By | June 6, 2012

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I have a general rule in my blog: I don’t put pictures of people unless in very narrow circumstances. I don’t wait around for the people in the event to gather around so I can take pictures of them. When I take a shot I take extreme care in making sure people do not appear in pictures. If they do I try not to use the picture at all or distort their features. Its just the way I do things.

Most other blogs do the same. blogs that I know and respect that is, I can’t talk for the 500+ blogs out there popping everyday. Some of the blogs do not care especially if its a public event with the media, TV, and newspapers around. I once saw an event post on a fellow bloggers blog where my face was stupidly beaming out of the crowds and very obvious. It bothered me for a second then I thought to myself so what? How is this different from a picture of mine in a daily newspaper? So I said nothing and I cannot even remember which blog b3d.

I noticed that people are starting to realize that if a person who looks like a guest at an event but is with an SDLR and taking pictures of everything, then they must a blogger. When that happens however, people tend to freak and run out of the way, or shoot us with the most murderous gaze whenever we took a picture. There was once a lady who covered her face with the veil in the buffet of a restaurant who nearly fought with me because I was taking a picture of some dish and she was behind me and no where near the camera. Even if she was in the camera’s range, nothing would show of her because all you can see is be yulack!

I don’t really understand the problem. Its not like we collect pictures of people from around Kuwait, put them on display at home, make some popcorn, and show them to our men or something. If you are out in public, there are one million cameras out there who can take pictures of you. Why is it OK to have your picture appear in newspapers or jump out of joy if you appear on TV by accident but its not OK to appear in a picture taking by a blogger,or in Instagram? I’m just trying to understand.  I’m not talking about people who refuse their picture being taken at all, I’m talking about those who allow everyone except blogs.

In any case and regardless of why you feel that way, ladies and gentlemen, rest assured that this blogger does her absolute best so you don’t appear in her pictures and that if you do, in Kuwait or abroad, covered or not covered, man or woman, local or expat, your face won’t show here unless you ask for it and then maaaaybbeeee I’d do it. You have my word, OK? Don’t worry.

10 Responses to “Are you Afraid of Having Your Picture Appear in Blogs?”

  1. The Triple F says:

    for me I don’t like anyone putting my picture out there not blogs not newspapers and not magazines , we have a very annoying society if they see your picture and know that you are a blogger everywhere you go ” oh isn’t that a blogger ? ”
    a blogger once posted a group picture on instagram she blurred it but you can recognize the faces ,. The next day my sister friend told her I saw you and your sister on that blogger account so I asked her to remove and she did .
    and when it comes to posting other people’s pictures I think most bloggers respect that and only post a picture by approval of that person .

  2. iMaGiNaTiOn says:

    I have been asking myself the same question tons of times . However , speaking of myself . I don’t take picture that has people in it . However , some people are sooooo damn noisy to get away from the thing I want to shoot and most of them are ” ya wailk en glt ly w5r 3lashan tbe t9wr ” so basically I wait till they “vanish”

    • danderma says:

      Erm ya 7afeth laish 3ad? Ee I don’t tend to talk to people or say anything, I just wait until they walk away and take a picture.

  3. Jacqui says:

    It’s crazy really, I don’t get really upset about such things because well if the newspapers/magazines will carry the images then it’s going to be out in public anyways. The only issue with blogs is that sometimes its the male bloggers who post photos of the female bloggers out there and that kind of is a no-no because well as much as they like to remain anonymous we like to as well.

    I recently had a run in at a press event where media were there and everyone and in one of my pictures on “Instagram” there were other women who weren’t visible really it was really dark and the main focus of the image was the booth rather than the people and that hurt people, why I have no idea, oh and let’s not forget one of people’s backs. Apparently they are sensitive about their backs as well as their fronts. Needless to say it caused unwanted drama but still if you don’t want people to see you then stay at home.

    People in Kuwait think the whole world revolves around them hehe 😛 It’s crazy really hehe 😛

    • danderma says:

      Yeah I once had someone contact me to remove a picture from my blog because their fingers were showing! Just the fingers. Seriously.
      I get it if someone would recognize you from the face but the back? or the bag? or the shoe? or the shape of your arm? For the love of god! And if so, so what? who really cares? Our backs and bags and shoes make it to the newspaper and local TV all the time, why is it different?

  4. Caesar says:

    There are 2 ways here:
    1) If your private picture is found on some random blog that didnt request your permission to use it… In this case you have every right to file a lawsuit.

    2) If you are a blog owner and use your picture on your site to let your visitors know who you are. The worlds best blogs do this because it is a fabulous PR and marketing tactic. We do it at KM too. Mashable, the world’s most famous technology blog became famous because of its CEO who doesnt miss a single opportunity to show his face off. I the end, if you are honest, not doing something illegal, there is no need to hide your face.

    • danderma says:

      Exactly my point. Why hide ur face at the blog when the exact same event with the exact same picture of you can appear in newspapers and magazines and you would be proud and happy? How come?