Project-X’s Day: The Bloggers Cooking Competition

By | June 10, 2012

Ya shamatat abla ‘9a’9a feyya! We, team Pink Girl and I, lost in the bloggers cooking competition with flying colors! I believe we came last b3d :p

When we arrived at the Chef Boutique yesterday for the bloggers cooking competition, we felt a buzz of excitement in the air. Everyone was chatting and saying hello. The place was well stocked and rearranged, ready for the competition to start. Guess who joined us b3d?

Bo Throos (post)! The bloggers were very happy for his appearance to support them y7lelah, was a little tanned after a short trip to Dubai b3d. Sadly makan wayed wayh khair 3lena :p By 4:00 PM on the dot, it was time to head to our stations and wait for the start bell.

Lets see what mystery ingredient we’d be using in the first round…

Avocados! The guys on day one got mangoes, not those were yummy and you can do one million things with them: mango raspberry cheesecake, veggies and halloumi glazed in mangoes and grilled to perfection. Avocado? Not a fan really. The only dish I know that would go ok with it is guacamole, then so be it. Chop, dice, mix.

And this was the end result. A revolting looking semi nachos salad. 

Winner dish? Yeah right -insert sarcastic tone here-. Judge’s opinions? I frankly don’t know. We didn’t get feedback on that one but it is a classic salad dish I’d do to have lunch -with the right ingredients-. I wish there were tortillas, I’d done mini salad tortilla wraps instead.

Between rounds there was a break for prayers and lunch. Lunch boxes were provided from Lo Fat for everyone. Healthy and tasty.

Inside the lunch box: Chicken Byriani, yogurt, apple juice, and Chocolate shortcut cake.

At around 7:30 PM round two kicked off with the mystery ingredient. Here is my hands innocently unwrapping the ingredient, hoping for the best.

Right there and then I knew we were screwed. It was a box of bacon. Yes, indeed, bacon. Pink hates bacon, I’m a vegetarian who specifically stated that I won’t be cooking meat and I was assured they will keep that in mind. Yet here I am, staring at bacon. Hallelujah!

Oh why couldn’t it have been a burrata? They got blue cheese int he first day! I want cheese, cheese is my friend. I would have whipped up a fancy macaroni and cheese baked inside red bell peppers with the blue cheese. This 3ella shasawee feh?

Pinkgirl mixed it with some honey and chopped peanuts with a bit of Siracho from the judges tray -to earn us some points- plus some rosemary and thyme. Why? Well I thought we’d do some coating. Don’t they do that on TV? They crust the meat with things? maybe it needed some eggs? god knows.

Then came the joker ingredient: Nuttella! I don’t like it, nor the bacon naturally. Thank god I didn’t go with a pasta option! Imagine creamy bacon pasta topped with Nuttella? Ybooy!

What did we do with it? We mixed 3/4 with the bacon mix which already has honey, and the remaining 1/4 we spread it inside a baguette. Mixed some other stuff, made a salad.

And the “dish” was done! What is it? Well, a sandwich of course with a side salad. Very complex mo?

What’s inside? Kil khair insha2 Allah. A white baugette spread with a thin layer of Nuttella. Stuffed with the Bacon Peanuts Siracho Nuttella and herbs mix, and topped with the tomato pickles cream cheese mix, some rocket leaves, and some tomato slices.

Taste? Are you kidding me? It has Nuttella and tomatoes and bacon. Ugh! The side salad however I thought was okish. Chopped herbs, diced tomatoes, rocket leaves, and a tiny little chilli pepper chopped with the herbs. Dressed with a lemon thyme peanut butter dressing and topped with chopped peanuts. You know the peanuts to go with the peanut crust of the bacon.  Bo Throos wasn’t happy though.

Can you tell from the reaction on the judges faces if they liked our dish or not? Why of course not! They said it was too spicy and the Nuttella spread on the bread didn’t work. 

While waiting for the judges to finish tasting the other dishes and make their verdict, we found that someone had brought over a box of Brown Diamond sweets so jabalnah o gazarnaha chai o gahwa. I loved those little chocolaty bites! Whomever brought them, thank you!

In the end we did get something, or should I say some things, for we didn’t leave back home empty handed.

The set of knives we’ve been using, Brown multi quick devide, the apron , a 20 KD voucher for Xcite website, a collection of pinapple scented fruttini shower and body creams set, and lazurd biscuits.

Though we lost, we had a great time because we laughed so hard! It was one of those nights where you laugh so hard your facial muscles start to ache. We are also very happy and proud of the winners who totally deserved it: El-Derwaza, Triple F & Urban Q8, and His & Hers. Congratulations guys! A big thank you goes to the guys behind project-x: Basma Al-Musallam, Ahmad Al-Hendi, Chefs Victor & Olga. Last but not least a big thank you goes to the brave judges who endured the disasters we called dishes: Fahad Al-Yahya, Basil Al-Salim, Jumana Al-Othman, Ziad Al-Obaid, and Chef Mongkon.

In conclusion my dear blog readers, I have learned yesterday that I am nothing but a big, obese failure who can’t do anything. The reality check moment is now recorded for the world to see, as soon as the videos are ready will post them so stay tuned.

22 Responses to “Project-X’s Day: The Bloggers Cooking Competition”

  1. Basma_13Cups says:

    Your presense was an added value :)

    Thank you so much for being part of it. We’d love to see you there at the finale. I actually LOVED the flavor combo of the second dish you made 😀 you’re no failure and you weren’t last 😉

    • danderma says:

      Thank you so much hon for putting this competition together. It was an ENORMOUS effort and you pulled it off quite well masha2 Allah 😀
      Ashwa I wasn’t last! You can’t believe how much that meant to me… Phew :)
      P.S. Mino last :p

  2. 7abitainBLOG says:

    la ywagif la ywagif la ywagif ! emshi 3la dana e walla emshi 3la dana e walla emshi 3ala e walla ! abo gthayla abo gthayla shyeeb il reesh sha7layla abo gthayla !

  3. Jacqui says:

    No you are not a big, obese failure! You chose to lose gracefully to give others a chance to do something and improve themselves 😛 You are a brilliant genius hence this wasn’t a loss 😛 And as I mentioned in Instagram welcome to the “Kings Club!” Hehehe there are no losers and winners we are just Kings (Queens are not that important hehe but Kings are beyond that and more :P)

    Anywho, it was a good thing and I guess you should’ve been there Day 1 😛 Then u wouldn’t have had to cook with bacon 😛

    • danderma says:

      I chose to lose gracefully? Jacqui? Do you think I need to lose gracefully? Those guys were awesome masha2 Allah!
      Looooool inzain ana abi emperor y9eer 😉

      Ooh if I was there on Day 1 I would have eaten the secret ingredients RAW and provided the judges with empty plates! What was the joker ingredient? I can’t find any reference to it?

      • Jacqui says:

        Eee kho lose gracefully a7san mn lose mn sej LOL! 😛 And yes you can be emperor for a year ba3ad! 😛

        Hehehe our joker ingredient was Honey with the mystery ingredient of Bleu Cheese.

        Oh and I ate the alphonso mangos hehe I ate the ones we cut but didn’t use in the salad and the sauce we came up with was absolutely delicious! 😛

        • danderma says:

          Ooooh they go perfectly together! Shwayat crackers o caramalized fruit slices on the side o I would have been clapping in happiness :p
          Loooool I would have done the same!

  4. D says:

    Aww you’re being too hard on yourself. Your nachos actually looked good! I would’ve loved to try it.

    • danderma says:

      Several people tend to agree with you. I wouldn’t have tried it myself to be frank!

  5. Bader says:

    LOL mashalla 7a6aity kilshay in the sandwich! That’s what I do when I’m hungry during midnight! I mix anything I find in the fridge and create a sandwich :p

  6. The Triple F says:

    you are not an obese failure , I didn’t try your dishes but they looked good and mashallah the talent that day was , in my opinion I think everyone was good and honestly I didn’t think that I will win im not that good at cooking I think its just luck
    can’t wait for next Saturday

    • danderma says:

      Your food talent is undeniable hon 😉 Congratulations on winning, you totally deserve it. 3ad make us proud and win the entire thing :)

  7. Sounds interesting , I really would like to learn how to cook lol
    omg this orange fellow is everywhere hehehe , Nice that you decided
    to add your blog signature to your pic’s . I hope now you can remove
    that ” Ha Ha! Hands off, those are MY pictures! ” :)
    The thing is annoying some time I would like to check spelling but it keeps
    popping up aaah :) that nachos salad looks yummy

    • danderma says:

      You can now right click and open new windows, but I guess the thing on the pictures would stay for a while :p
      The orange fella is rocking the blogging world! He’s already a celebrity :p

      • Well still can’t do nothing unless I disable this from my firefox add ons
        I think you don’t need that anymore since you have your signature on
        your picture which is much better than anything else ..

        Yes Bo throos lol I saw that in several blog now one time he was wearing
        ‘3etra lol that was so funny !

        All the best

        • danderma says:

          Ee my husband gave him the ghetra :p
          I did disable some features, the opening a new tab thing was driving me crazy… doesn’t it show 3ndik?

          • Yeah nice touch giving him Kuwaiti costume 😛
            I really didn’t notice because I can be able to disable anything
            as I told you I am using firefox browser its the master of all browsers
            So everything has its own add ons to disable any feature but its annoying
            I have to do this thing every time I visit your page !

            As I told you since your pic now got its own signature you don’t have
            to keep these features anymore :)

          • danderma says:

            I will get my updates in order and see how things end up :) Thank you bro for the feedback!

  8. A7madany says:

    You were great and super…I looove salads and I think that your salad is amazing,,@ home salad is always a main dish for the my family….you’re a winner to me ;D

    • danderma says:

      Thank you A7mad. Thank you for all the effort you’ve put into this as well, qawakom Allah :)