Do I Need a Business Card as a Blogger? By | July 1, 2012

Bandundu Yesterday in Zain’s social media event I noticed that many of my fellow bloggers were socializing and exchanging business cards with social media people. I was asked several times about my business card and I shrugged, apologizing for not having one. Then I thought to myself, am I a little backwards here? Don’t I need one?

I’m wondering if its a faux pas not to have a business card if you are a blogger now adays? Now why would I need them exactly? Yesterday, it was a social media event that happens once every once in a while. Its not like we do it every day. Do I need to go through the agony of designing a BC, printing it, carrying it with me, and handing it out for people? I need to google this and see what others worldwide think.

And if so, what on earth would I say on it? Danderma, blogger? Madry I don’t feel inah my “job describtion” is fit for a business card. But maybe I’m wrong? I can’t make up my mind on this one.

Now dear fellow bloggers, do you have business cards? If yes, let me know why. If not, why not? Do share please :)

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  1. 7abitainBLOG says:

    well i don’t but im planing on coz its really helpful if one of the people need it like may3arfoon yktboon your site yaboon your email mo shar6 ktboona mwjood bil card o fee your site your email your phone number your twitter and instagram . wayed nas ams s2loni you have a business card ? lil asaf nope bas enshallah i will !

    • danderma says:

      Bs that was yesterday mo? Y3ni when will be the next time you need one?

  2. We at Kuwait Music had business cards since we started in 2010. Although print is a dying medium, business cards in a country like Kuwait still go a long way in establishing credibility. Like:

    1) You have a business card, which means you are serious about your blog
    2) You have a business card, so it is part of your branding strategy
    3) It is your physical presence. Can be placed on desks, in car cup holders, on a bedroom side table etc..
    4) If designed well, many people like to keep it as a style statement.

    Does it impact the way you blog? No. But it is still important to have them because social media is now turning into a physically social affair as well, which means information consumption is not limited to just the internet.

    We have media kits, business cards, T shirts, mouse pads, cups and other branding items for Kuwait Music that we give away to many of our fans and that creates loyalty not to the blog , but to our “site community”. In the end you need to create a brand for your self, not just an online dairy. Online dairies are a thing of the past. In today’s world, if youre not branded, your efforts are in vain, because branding creates stimulation. Stimulation creates interest. Interest creates action. Multiple actions create loyalty.

    Its this philosophy that took our site from 100 visitors a day to over 4,500+ / day today :)

    • danderma says:

      Yeah another thought of mine is that print is indeed a dying medium. Now if I’m all over the internet, why would I need to print cards?
      Oh you do have the full media package! But then your blog is a little different in terms of actually having a big fan base. I don’t imagine myself giving out branded items for no one would really care.

      But I do like how you broke down this matter. I think you made quite a good argument here. Thanks Caesar!

  3. swera says:

    at first i didn’t think they’re important, infact i thought they r over-rated! y3ni mala da3i!

    bs now, my view has changed! I do believe they r very important for bloggers who r involved in the social media life, events, invitations & so! It helps alot!

    you should get yours 😀

    • danderma says:

      It was yesterday with your business card that I began thinking maybe I should have? But then again I always thought were a bit… I don’t know chini shayfa 7ali you know? What changed your mind?

  4. her says:

    yes we do :) I think its easier to just give your BC to people who asks about your blog or how to contact you instead of spelling it to them every time they ask don’t you think? and its also more professional..
    your bc should have your blog adress and blog email , twitter, facebook and maybe instagram accounts as well your mobile number.

    • danderma says:

      But then how often do you really need it? Y3ni big scale events like Zain’s yesterday happens maybe twice in every year… madry?

      • her says:

        every time we get invited to a place or an event there would be some social media people who asks for our contact numbers and emails it save time and …why not?

  5. Tina says:

    Yes we have a business card because sometimes for example when we enter a shop we ask some questions and want to take pictures of some items and sometimes they ask Who are we and why this and that so we tel them we are bloggers and this is our business card you can check our blog. Later some might send you an email about some nice things to post about.

    • danderma says:

      If anyone questions me regarding why I take pictures I usually just leave them be thinking eshda3wa :p
      Maybe you are right though. Maybe it would be easier in some cases… It just makes me feel a bit weird… like shayfa 7ali with my blog? But it could be all in my head?

  6. انا عندي بزنس كارد
    و يكون استعماله للاختصار عن تعريف الشخص عن نفسي يكون استخدامه بديل لما اطلع لك ورقه و اكتب له لنك البلوق او اذا كان محتاج يتواصل معاي عبر التويتر او الواتس اب كل هذي البيانات تكون موجودة بالبزنس كارد
    و احيانا احتاجه لما شركة او شخص يحب يعرف عني اقوله دش عاللنك و تعرف كل شي بدون شرح ولا مقدمات
    و شي ثاني احب اشوف شخص محتفظ بالبزنس كارد مالي هذا الشي يخليني وايد فخور بنفسي
    فـ اعتبر البزنس كارد وايد ضروري لكل بلوقرز يستخدمه في المولات و المعارض و بين اصدقائه و كل مكان

    ارجو المعذره على الاطالة

    • danderma says:

      حياك الله بيتك و مطرحك… بس تستعمل الكرت حتى مع أصدقائك؟ ما يقولون شيء؟

      • اي مثلا عندي اصدقاء مايعرفون معنى كلمة بلوق اقولهم دش على اللنك وحوش انت بروحك راح تفهم و في اصدقاء اشوفهم من فتره لي فتره و يكون الكرت وسيلة تواصل

  7. Being an events & activities website, we carry business cards as a networking tool to “introduce” ourselves and to encourage people to contribute their events to our site. It also shows them our social media pages so that they know how they can go about submitting their information. It’s hard enough to get someone to remember one email address, much less 4 social media pages! LOL! :)

    • danderma says:

      Loool I agree though most of my social media pages are straightforward. I do get a lot of “Danderma Blog” in the search section of my blog. Maybe that’s why?

  8. FourMe says:

    No need at all. That’s my opinion. Just making bloggers more big headed(as if they aren’t already). If someone wants to contact a blogger they have obviously heard of, and can check their blog for contact info, no need to flaunt a business card.

    I detest how bloggers are capitalizing on their blogs. They’ve turned it into a commodity and burned it into the ground.

    • danderma says:

      I do feel it will make me seem a bit… conceited? Chini mo m9adga 3ndi blog o shayfa 7ali? But then again I did get a lot of “Where is your business card?” ams? Madry… I know that if I ever go with it, I will save you the first one so you can hit me with it when I present it to you :p

    • 7amood says:

      totally agree with fourme. .people will only contact bloggers/blogs they have already heard of. .so walking around exchanging business cards for a blog might make people think “shfee il7abeeb ga9 3la nafs 3abala business man?!”

      then again..thats my opinion.

      • danderma says:

        Erm… mo hatha ele making me hesitant. Inah shfeha mo m9adga 3mrha 3ndaha blog o sawat business card. Not that I would go spreading it around… If I ever make it I will limit it to times where I go to a social media gathering like yesterday’s… bs madry? Its sparking a debate even among international bloggers…

  9. BananaQ8 says:

    BC 100% necessary for us bloggers, I was asked countless times and yes it helps a lot and yes its my mistake that I don’t have one yet but I’ll make one inshallah and you should too.

    BTW, nice meeting you yesterday :)

    • danderma says:

      Nice meeting you too bro :) Its been a long time since I’ve seen everyone in one place!

  10. ShoSho says:

    Well I do have a card although I do not have any business loool. It just has my logo, name and email, no description. I use it sometimes when I send gifts.

  11. ShoSho says:

    LoL my comment is really not related to the post :S

  12. Ansam says:

    I do 😉 and not just because Im blogger, but I do freelance so thats why 😉

  13. Jacqui says:

    As I told you before it is kind of important when being invited to those exhibitions and big events yes the big companies might know you via your online presence and already reach you that way but there are a lot of small businesses out there starting out who don’t know who you are.

    Being a blog that’s been around for ages now I recently made a business card that embraces basically who I am as a blogger and a person it’s geeky, has beautiful graphics and basically spells out Jacqui!

    I do not find having your phone number on the business card important because well that’s just giving more people access to you directly when you are simply marketing your website and online presence. If the person does contact you and request for your phone number then viola you can give it on a more one-on-one basis.

    Bloggers who have been around for a while and have a business card are not conceited, they’re dedicated and they know what they are doing basically and this is not just a hobby to pass time but something they love to do. However those who merely start out and aren’t even a day old with business cards are a different story, but then again we can’t judge.

    In short, hope this helped and I’ve got a few ideas for a business card design for you if you’d like me to drop them by, won’t hesitate 😀

    • danderma says:

      If I ever do it, no way am I going to hand out my phone number! That’s still very private. 3ad I loved your card design A LOT its basically you smiling out at people :)

  14. MemoQ8 says:

    انا عندي بزنسس كارد
    و بالعفل وايد نحتاجة مو شرط ان يكون خاص بالبلوق و استخدامات البلوق
    هم مرات استخدمه اذا أحد طلب مني يتواصل معاي
    في كل المعلومات اللي يحتاجها
    و بعد اتفق مع اخوي المباركية بلوق في ناس للأسف ما اكتشفت هالعالم و يتسألون عن معني البلوق فشرح لهم الوضع و اعطيهم الكرت على اساس تتضح لهم الصورة
    و هذا رأيي الشخصي
    شكرا دندرمة :*

    • danderma says:

      انا ليلحين ما مر علي احد ما يعرف معنى بلوق… و لكن اذا احد ما يدري هل البزنس كارد بتعلمه؟ مادري… ليلحين مو مقتنعة بالفكرة بس في ساعات تكون مفيدة خاصة انه وايد قاموا يطلبونها مني

  15. Since you are an established blogger and published author a business card would make sense. What’s the harm in having a small box printed for you to pass out when needed. I think it’s a great idea.

    For me it wouldn’t make sense because in my line of work not being anonymous could cause series problems for me. I’ve even had to make my instagram and Twitter accounts private which I am not happy about.

    It was great seeing you on the SMD video. Everyone did an amazing job. :)

    ForMe ~ I wish you were running for the US Presidency. I would totally vote for you! :p

    • danderma says:

      A published author? Do you think I should put that on the BC? But isn’t that a bit conceited? I don’t know why am I thinking of it this way? I never thought I should put that in the BC!

    • In what way would it be conceited? You have a ‘brand’ that makes business sense to promote. You already have advertisers on your blog and your book is for sale. A business card would be a smart move in your case. In the US many bloggers are published authors and carry business cards. As long as you don’t put, “I ove myself” on the card you won’t look conceited. Only you know what is best for you.

      • danderma says:

        I think its the idea of being a branded that makes me feel a bit uneasy. Lool at the “I love myself” on the card… I won’t be surprised if people started handing those out pretty soon!

        Btw, you don’t want FourMee as a US president. Not unless all Nuclear weapons are disposed of :p

  16. the boudoir. says:

    what a great idea, you should definately have one..Ive been thinking about it for a while, everytime someone gives me a business card because of something I\m reviewing I\m embarrased to tell them i dont have one and dont want to give them my personal go for it

    • danderma says:

      Yeah I do get a lot of business cards when I go to events or for reviews but I never thought of it like i need an exchange… madry I’m still trying to make up my mind.

  17. Dear Romeo says:

    I totally agree with everything FourMe said. I don’t think you need a BC as a blogger. You blog cuz you like it, it’s not like blogging is your job, so I think this BC thing is a little bit over-rated. Honestly, I can’t see the point of having one !

  18. Kuwaitiful says:

    I use the blogs business card after reviewing a place or in events. I actually used it way more than I thought I would. People give more credibility to blogs with business cards in a sense because they know they’re serious about having a blog. If you do decide on making one, make sure it looks catchy. People tend to throw away dull business cards and keep the cool ones.

    • danderma says:

      I suppose you have a point but if its get thrown away in the end w3liya then the message doesn’t get across.

  19. anon says:

    Only in Kuwait is a blog a legit business with this much “credibility” and celebrity status. I don’t think leh da3ee business card. I think it’s humble of you to have not thought about it before. And if this was 7 years ago, I would have said maybe – bloggers blogged about things that matter and about personal experiences and opinions HONESTLY. Al7een blogs are an online wa9ee6 for foods and clothes. I can’t remember the last time I read a bad review. So I never order from small businesses I’ve seen on blogs. It’s good advertisement but I feel like they tarnished their brand image. They send to a blogger who always has good things to say. And 90% of them are crap and you can do yourself (shoghil ready mixes) – and they’re not cheap. I’d rather invest my money in a legit bakery business. I really hope those small businesses read this.

    • danderma says:

      Actually being a blogger as a full time job is happening all around the world and not only in Kuwait. The debate whether or not a blogger needs a BC is also happening between bloggers abroad.

      To be fair not all blogs are wasee6 material. I know many blogs who blog from their heart and nurture their blog as if its their own little child. As of the things I review, I never say something is good when its not and I haven’t been sent something ‘ready mix’ in a long time. If it really sucks, they I will tell them and I won’t post about it, period.