Help: Insomnia Solution Needed

buy Seroquel now By | July 4, 2012

buy prednisone cheap It started about a year ago, maybe last summer. Suddenly, sleep never came to me. No matter what I do, no matter how tired I am or how early I woke up, even if my eyes were drooping, I can never switch off and sleep.

buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v I tried every old trick in the book: aroma therapy, relaxation, not stressing, cut my coffee consumption to decaf, cut off even the decaf coffee, cut off all sources of caffeine, drinking warm milk, clearing my mind from all my troubles before I went to bed but to no avail. I even went to a doctor and he gave me sleeping pills. He said they were very strong and should help me sleep. The made me drowsy the first time I took them, the next morning I woke up to a room swaying like I was boarding a ship in the middle of a troubled ocean, and when night time came nothing happened. Even those strong pills lost their effect after one night.

Its not that I don’t get sleepy, its just that I cannot switch off. Even if my mind is blank and I’m thinking about nothing, I cannot sleep. I’d stay till after morning prayers sometimes till 4 or 5 AM tossing and turning.

This is not healthy, this is not normal, and its been going on for a tad too long. I wonder if there other out there who are suffering from the same thing or is it just me? I feel like a freak, or a mutant owl or something. Plus, if you have a proven solution for a case like mine, I would love to hear it. I’m at my wits end here…

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  1. 7amood says:

    welcome to the club.. its not that I cannot go to sleep, the problem is that I cannot stay asleep.

    what i found out works for me is when I workout, and exhaust myself at the gym, and when i change my diet to avoid greasy food, I can sleep better.

    good luck

    • danderma says:

      I used to fall asleep better when I was physically tired but not anymore. I also found out that if I eliminate carbs from my dinner somehow I sleep more soundly!

  2. Sleepless in Kuwait says:

    You are definitely not the only one! I suffer from the same issue. I used to take a meds (not sleeping pill) that helped and took care of it, but I had to stop due to pregnancy and nursing. I’d be happy to share more info by email if you’d like :)

    • danderma says:

      In my case I can never get drowsy by medication that puts people to sleep… like actifed or panadol night and flu mathalan… I think there is something wrong with my body chemicals

      • Sleepless in Kuwait says:

        That’s exactly what I have.. The medication I took was not a pm pain killer or allergy pill. It was an anxiety medication. That helped a Chemical imbalance. I thought I just couldn’t switch off my brain, it turned out I was too anxious and needed to calm down a bit 😉

        • danderma says:

          Hmmm… maybe I should busy my mind more, exhausting it with more work or ideas or something to help it switch off…

  3. a7la3alam says:

    You are concerned about a subject which keeps you awake. try to find the subject and solve the problem. if the problem cant be solved meanwhile try reading sorat yousof or al kahf

    • danderma says:

      Maybe… but I don’t have big and huge problems, only normal ones everyone must have at any point in life.

  4. الزين says:

    حالتج صعبة وكسيفة :/

    اكتشفت ان متابعة الأفلام العربية القديمة ممكن تبعد تفكيرج عن كل شي جاد وتدخلين بمود النوم
    ما ادري عنج شنو نظامج قبل لا تنامين
    بس المفروض تتهيئن للنوم قبل الموعد بساعتين على الأقل
    شاور دافي
    بيجاما مريحة
    شوية لافندر على مخدتج
    ومسباح بيدج تستغفرين لغاية ما تغطين
    او فيلم عربي لووول ولا تقارنين بين الإستغفار والفيلم ادري كلش مو صوب بعض

    مريت بنفس المرحلة من قبل
    اكو ميوزك ممكن تساعدج بشوف شنو اسم السي دي اللي عندي وابعثه لج جود الله ورحمته

    جربتي الماديتيشن؟
    لأني بعد ما اخذت دورة ريكي المواضيع ضبطت معاي

    وفحصي الغدة الدرقية لأن عادة هي تكون السبب

    عطيتج مليون حل

    صباح الفل

    • danderma says:

      لوول اي جدا كسيفة! و السواد تحت العين مأساة!
      مشكورة وايد وايد على النصايح… خل اجرب لي كم شغله عل و عسى!

  5. U says:

    Try reading a nice book when you’re in bed. It would be good if you can read from an iPad or any e-book reader so that your room’s lights are switched off. I do that and it helps me cause I usually suffer until I sleep.

    • danderma says:

      I’ve read scores of books. I still wouldn’t sleep so its not much help in my case…

  6. tariq says:

    i suffer from it too,but seems to me your case is more extreme,how many hours do you sleep when you fall asleep at last? try repeating this before it worked for me alot of times

    فقال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم إذا أويت إلى فراشك فقل [ ص: 387 ] اللهم رب السموات السبع وما أظلت ، ورب الأرضين وما أقلت ، ورب الشياطين وما أضلت ، كن لي جارا من شر خلقك كلهم جميعا أن يفرط علي أحد منهم أو يبغي علي ، عز جارك ، وجل ثناؤك ، ولا إله غيرك ، أو لا إله إلا أنت } .

    ( اللهم غارت النجوم وهدأت العيون وأنت حي قيوم لا تأخذه سنة ولا نوم يا حي يا قيوم اهد قلبي وأنم عيني )

    • danderma says:

      Sometimes I sleep for hours on end and cannot wake up. Other times I sleep very little. Thank you for the do3a2

  7. sheikha says:

    I swear by acupuncture, not only has it helped relieve me from my back and shoulder pain but it helped me sleep like a baby :) try it.

    • danderma says:

      Ykhawef el acupuncture! I freak out easily! Mako another less scary technique you used and worked :p

  8. r.alsharif says:

    Word of advice from a former insomniac, you need to train yourself to sleep. I know it sounds a bit strange, but it’s the best way. For example, for a week, try going to bed at 8:30. It’s freakishly early and yes you probably will end up staring at the ceiling for the first 4 days but after a couple of days you’ll actually fall asleep. You’ll only sleep for about 3 hours at first but then after a while you’ll get more. Also, insomnia’s usually psychological, if something traumatic happened to you and keeps bothering you then you’ll need to find a way to get closure so you can finally get a peaceful sleep. Sorry about the long comment :p

    • danderma says:

      I tried that. I went to bed at 10 and stayed there, tossing and turning, one two three four days then I gave up. In the past reading used to help me sleep but not anymore! Maybe I should search for some closure for something but I have to know what that something is at first…

  9. Keith says:

    You will get a solution with Yoga. Feel free to contact me for more details.

    • danderma says:

      Sadly me and Yoga are not that friendly… I’ve tried it before and its not for me.

  10. Try reading a book, it usually helps me to nod off.

    p.s speaking of books, I really want to purchase your book soon!

    • danderma says:

      Insha2 Allah it will be out next week, the second one that is. The first one is already sold in many places including Amazon :)

  11. Blush says:

    I strive to fight back my sleep and keep my eyes wide open, coz i want to stay awake for few hours, but all I know is when my alarm rings at 8 to wake up for work :p.