Blast 4m the Past: MSX King Valley Game & Ending By | July 5, 2012 One of the ten most popular games of MSX in the old days was probably King Valley. You know him, the little adventurer who goes inside the pyramid and collects orbs that open up a gateway to the next room while trying to dodge mummies. We called it King’s Valley even though we didn’t speak much English back then.

There are two versions of King Valley. The first one which we owned had hideous animation and wasn’t that exciting. Three different sets of cousin siblings of mine had King Valley 2 which is the one that’s popular and since we didn’t play it at home we had to wait until we visited a cousin’s house to play it. I don’t think we ever got past stage 6 or 7.

One of my older cousins once told me, when I was playing King Valley at their house, that there are 100 stages and only a genius can finish this game. I suppose that’s when my fixation with the game started. I wanted to finish it, I wanted to see how ‘clever’ I am, I wanted to gloat that I was move clever than all of my cousins.

Then life went on and we grew up, the MSX disappeared from our lives but when I rediscovered the MSX Emulator I began finishing the old games, one by one. I held back on King Valley until I was in the right mood and earlier this year, I began playing it. Hated the stupid white mummy who snuck on you while you drilled or dug.

Loved the little jumping Pharaoh who would jump right over your head if you time your walk correctly. Very cute.

To my surprise, even 24 years after its release, the game was still tricky to play! Not impossible, but not easy either. Turns out there are 60 and not 100 stages! What a pity! When I finally reached the final stage, I didn’t want it to end :(

But I did it! I finished it, all 60 stages of it. To my knowledge no one I knew had finished it back then. When I finally did I almost had tears in my eyes. I am the most clever one :p This is what happens when you finish the game.

Whose Vick?

LOST comes to mind!

Done, phew! Imagine if you mess the game up after 60 stages of hardwork over this button!

Bye bye King Valley, I’m glad I have completed you! It took 24 years but I finally did it. So much fun! Now, on to the next game to finish :)

Do you remember King Valley? Do you know anyone who finished it?

8 Responses to “Blast 4m the Past: MSX King Valley Game & Ending”

  1. FiXato says:

    If you feel like playing more levels, then MSX user BiFi has a couple of extra levels available on his site:

  2. Manuel says:

    I also played it a bit later, but not THAT late. I think around 1996 or so I finished it finally, after a week or 2 of playing, in the holidays :)

    • danderma says:

      A week or 2! Try a month or two! I must have been rusty while playing it :)

      • Manuel says:

        Yeah, only 2 weeks, but they were almost full time! It was holidays after all… Perhaps it was a little longer, but it is that long ago that I do not remember :)

        Anyway, a fantastic game indeed. When I play it today I often die in stage 2 :)

  3. Alex Wulms says:

    Whow, I’m impressed that you finished kings valley.

    I love the reference to Lost in your blog.

    Reading about both Kings Valley and about Lost brings back good memories. Some memories older then the other ones but all of them are good :-)

    • danderma says:

      Thank you! That switch thing really did bring back memories of LOST in the earlier -and better- seasons. I am quite proud of myself still for finishing King Valley :)