Competition: Win one of Three Signed Dathra Vol II Books Today! By | July 10, 2012

Finally, after a very long and exhausting wait, I’ve had the pleasure of passing by the printer yesterday to pick up the Dathra book boxes.

Dathra, Volume II, will be available for sale by the end of this week in 52 Degrees insha2 Allah plus online if you are not in Kuwait. However, if you correctly answer the Dathra related questions below you will enter a draw to win one of three signed books and you will have it delivered to you directly today, Tuesday, before the book goes on Sale.

There are five questions, they should be very easy to answer if you are a Dathra fan. Please leave a correct email address so I can contact you when I announce the winners in the afternoon. Emails will not be shared with anyone and are kept private. The three winners will be chosen randomly and they should be residents of Kuwait so I can deliver the books to them immediately tomorrow.

The comments will be hidden and will not be approved until after the competition is finished. You have from now until 12:45 P.M. on Tuesday to answer.

Question 1: Dathra’s first fiancee in Volume I is Jassim. His nickname is…?

Question 2: Dathra’s absolute favorite restaurant, one she goes there on daily basis and knows the workers by name, is…?

Question 3: Dathra was admitted to the hospital in the end of book one because she went overboard eating something raw with weird combinations. What is the thing she ate?

Question 4: When Dalool taunted Dathra, what did Dathra throw over her head?

Question 5: Dathra ran after a woman driving her car because the woman had bought the last what?

Best of luck everyone, make Dathra proud :)

5 Responses to “Competition: Win one of Three Signed Dathra Vol II Books Today!”

  1. Jooriya says:

    شنو هذا اسئلتج وايد صعبة للحيني ماقريت داثرة ون

  2. noora says:

    is it too late! Im a big dathra fan and know all the answers;
    1. Jumbo
    3. raw cupcake dough
    4. pinkperry
    5. opera’s yummy fruit trifle

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