Zain’s Chocolate Day Celebration By | July 11, 2012 I can’t believe its been a year already but masha2 Allah times flies so fast and last Sunday Zain invited us to the celebrate Chocolate Day again (post) in Chocolate Bar Al-Bidaa.

I arrived late to a table full of chatter and smiles and clinking of glasses and utensils. Don’t you just love that tink tink sound? To me it means a gathering with laughter. I took a seat next to my favorite girl Al-Noury and guess who was with her?

Mr. Bo Throos taking his time and reading the menu! I missed him! He had just returned from a concert in Dubai 3eshtaw. Al-Noury also arrived with her Arabian Coffee dallah, she never goes anywhere without it :)

Arabian coffee goes SO WELL with Chocolate Bar’s desserts! They should consider having it on their menu if at least for Ramadan.

What I had? Well I have two favorites in Chocolate Bar: the dark chocolate & raspberry molten cake and the dark chocolate fondue with strawberries. I had the fondue this time.

I resisted so hard taking a bite from this over-loaded brownie <3

Then Zain brought out two cakes for the occasion. This is the red velvet cake.

Bothroos wouldn’t let me shoot his chocolate bread pudding :'(

I have to hand it to Zain, no one does social media in Kuwait like they do! Great job and thank you so much Hala & Dalal. We had a blast and laughed so hard. It felt more like a girl’s gathering than an event. Happy Chocolate Day!

7 Responses to “Zain’s Chocolate Day Celebration”

  1. noon says:

    ilga3daa ma te7laa min gheer bo ‘6roos

  2. Jacqui says:

    I totally agree! Hell it should be Girl’s Chocolate Day sponsored by Zain hehe but nothing else dealing with product releases or anything! Being surrounded by lovely company, chocolate, and chatter is simply awesome!

    I had fun and glad to have seen you even if it was for a short bit!

    • danderma says:

      Exactly! We don’t even have to write about a Zain service or anything! Just plain old chocolate fun :)

  3. Rasha says:

    Mashallah 3laich always surprising me with your blog posts! I’m following your work for a very long time and totally enjoying it.
    And I also love your photography specially the food shots

    • danderma says:

      Thank you Rasha! And welcome to my blog I’m so glad you are commenting after a very long time :)