Do you Know Chips Oman?

why not try this out By | July 15, 2012


One of my GCC blogger friends once told me about a “Batates Oman” sandwich they adore. Apparently you fill two pieces of toast with the chips, drizzle hot sauce and Kraft spreadable cheese, and eat them and the combination is so good.

The thing is, I’ve never seen the Chips Oman before in my life and never knew anyone in Kuwait who had that combo. To my surprise I was in Shuwaikh a while ago in the Sweets shops selling oldies food when I saw bags and tins of Chips Oman ! I asked in Instagram and people apparently are looking for it and use it in dishes as well!

Am I the only one in the GCC who never heard about it before? So how is it exactly different than, say, KITCO’s? How exactly do you eat it?

10 Responses to “Do you Know Chips Oman?”

  1. wojod says:

    هلا دندرمه
    شبس عمان تقريبا بيكمل 38 سنةعلى انتاجه وأصبحت من ضمن الارث العماني المجتمعي….الوصفة العمانية التقلدية لاعداد وجبة شبس عمان بالضبط مثل ما ذكرتي إلا اننا هنا في عمان نفضل الخبر اللبناني مثل ما نطلق عليه المرادف للخبر العربي..وذلك بدهن الخبز بجبن كراف الكاسات و تهشيم الشبس لقطع صغيرة(يكفي ان نضغط على الكيس بيدينا) وبعدها نرش الدغوص عليه ويفضل دغوص بو صقر (اللي عليه رسمة الصقر )…هناء وعافيه

    • danderma says:

      ما شاء الله أكبر مني شبس عمان! انزين اشمعنى اهو؟ ليش مو نوع شبس ثاني؟
      يبيله و الله نجرب هالوصفة و لا مرة شفتها من قبل! مشكورة ما قصرتي

  2. Rimi says:

    I bit that you’re GCC friend is from UAE for sure, the ingredients are correct Kraft cheese, Chili sauce (Sha6a or as we call it da8oos) and chips after making ur chips Oman Sandwich put it in the toaster for a while <3 coz the secret of the yummy taste is the crisp.

    Another junk we regularly eat is Samboosa Sandwich, with the same ingredients but instead of Chips Oman we add Samboosa (onion & vegetable samboosa), both sandwiches must be served with “Karak” which is tea and milk in Indian style

    • danderma says:

      Ee she was! Because I was a bit confused inah how come she has potatoes in UAE o e7na ma 3ndena!
      Wow? Min 9jkom for the samboosa sandwich? Tastes good 3ad?

  3. Hafsa says:

    That brought back memories of salalah…:) Very tasty snacks!!!:)

  4. Jacqui says:

    I never heard of it but then again I live under a rock most of the time! 😛

  5. Rimi says:

    Tastes SO GOOD ! <3 … 7yaach Dubai 😉