Review: Baking Tray’s Ramadan Menu

Mithi By | July 18, 2012

We were invited by Baking Tray to try their newly launched Ramadan menu. Last year I had tried their lgaymat and they were to die for so this year I was intrigued on what else would they add. Well, first things first, they had redecorated their outdoors area with colorful lightbulbs and Ramadan lanterns!

How pretty!

Surprisingly the weather was breezy and not so bad! Now imagine dining with these lights reflecting on your table!

Going inside, the first thing I noticed was Alban Dairy’s fridge stocked with Alban Dairy’s goods by the door. I was happy to see it! I wish I will see a similar fridge at every surpermarket soon :)

We sat down for dinner. Well, my husband did as I’m not really a fan of Ramadan dishes. For drinks he had Lemon with mint.

First course, lentil soup.

The lentil soup was rich and tangy and you could feel the loomi cooked in. I’m not a fan of lentil soup at all but my husband was very happy with it.

Next course was yereesh. Also not a fan but my husband loved it and especially loved the raisins it came with it.

Next, comes Ramadan’s #1 dish, the tashreeba.

How was it? Well, it comes in a bowl with pleanty of meat chunks, not a bone in sight, and tender pumpkin pieces. It also has a sprinkle of diced onions on it. My husband thinks that its very good indeed but if they lose the onion sprinkles and have it on a flat plate it would be perfect.

Last but not least came Baking Tray’s lgaymat! I’m a lgaymat maniac. If I see them I’d have no trouble eating the entire plate. Last year Baking Tray had sent me the most amazing Lgaymat I had every had in a very long time. You know, big, a tad crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside with killer syrup (post)?

Well, those lgaymat we had yesterday were good, but not the old lgaymat good. Last year’s were much much better. The ones we had yesterday were smaller and too crunchy which some people actually prefer but I don’t. Bring out the old lgaymat Baking Tray, I want them back :(

Thank you Baking Tray for your invitation. We had fun :)

Baking Tray now has two branches, one near Al-Raya in Kuwait City and one in the Avenues Phase II. For more information you can check Baking Tray’s website (link).

2 Responses to “Review: Baking Tray’s Ramadan Menu”

  1. Jacqui says:

    The best thing is that your husband eats most of the food and gives you his reaction to it hehe so you avoid trying something new 😛

    3alaikom bl 3afya 😀

    • danderma says:

      lool he was a life saver that time. Had I been alone I’d been in quite a pickle! Allah y3afeech :*