Swera’s Ramadan Gift

Elmira By | July 22, 2012


Another beautiful Ramadan gift, this time from the lovely Swera of Crazy Yet Wise Blog. To be frank I’ve been seeing sneak peeks of her Ramadan gift preparations and hoping I’d end up with one. Guess what, I did :)

Swera‘s Ramadan gift is a hamper filled with Ramadan essentials: Dried Fruit, Mixed Nuts, A bottle of Leqa7 water, chocolate covered nuts, Arabian gum which is good for the digestion, and white tea which is right on trend as its my current favorite tea.

Also a pretty small yellow lantern filled with pieces of Qamar Deen -soft apricot candy pieces-.

The Ramadan hamper was wrapped in shiny orange paper and had the cutest card.

Thank you dear Swera, your gift made me very happy! Akramch Allah o ma ga9artay. Mbarak 3lech el shahar o 3asach min 3owadah :)

2 Responses to “Swera’s Ramadan Gift”

  1. swera says:

    testahleeen akthar sweetie :* bel3afia 3alech :)