Review: Dallah Kuwaiti Bakery

By | July 24, 2012

Imagine someone whose taste buds you trust, you know when they say that someone tastes good, then it does indeed taste good. When they don’t like something, then it will turn out horrible? Imagine then that this someone decides to open up a traditional Kuwaiti desserts with a contemporary touch business, and send you two bags as the first blogger to try.

The someone is my fellow bloggers Eb6ainiya and they have just opened up a new business by the name of Dallah, which means coffee flask in Kuwaiti. On the first day of Ramadan they sent me to well designed sturdy beige bags with Dallah logo on them with three of their best desserts.

The combination of colors and the logo are very calm and to the point resulting in an elegant branding, no khabba or loya, just like their desserts. I like it.

The first item I received was a box of the Kuwaiti biscuits “Baith el Qe6a”. Oval shaped and dusted with icing sugar, hence the name baith -which means eggs-.

Baith elQe6a, or the Kuwaiti biscuits, were soft, crumbly, and just the right amount of sweets. I cannot remember the last time I had these, especially not from a new Kuwaiti bakery. Its the perfect beverage treat and Dallah’s ones are made the way they should be. I actually received a message from a friend right after I posted their picture on Instagram asking me if she can order it in big quantities to take to her family gathering.

The next item was their Cardamom and Pistachio cake. It comes cut into into 3 bite long rectangular pieces and dusted with powdered sugar -which melted by the time it arrived to me, it is 50 C outside after all!-.

Those are not traditional per say but they have a traditional side and are quite soft and feathery. The kind of cake that, when you take a bite, melts into your mouth and leaves a nice collection of delicious spices all around as you enjoy the soft sweet texture. Yum!

The third item I received, the Pièce de résistance Chonglong , was what’s inside this traditional tin bowl. Care to venture a guess?

Something I adore, something my late grandmother Edida Allah yer7amha made when I was young. My own tasting the ratatouille and travel back in time moment. My eyes are watering as I type this right now…

Its a tin of Elba! One of my favorite Kuwaiti desserts which is making quite a comeback in 2012! Elba is Kuwaiti’s answer to Crème caramel but infused with plenty of Cardamom and Saffron and traditionally made with cows milk from a cow that had just given birth -god knows why-.

The fiery red tint of the Elba is caused by the use of plenty of saffron. Not any saffron mind me, quality Spanish saffron and freshly ground Indian cardamom. You cannot go stingy with your spices when making the Elba, it would show because it had plenty of eggs in its making and if you don’t use enough fresh quality spices all you’d be tasting is raw eggs.

The texture of the Elba is velvety smooth. Dallah have added their own touch to the elba by adding 7abbat el baraka -Black Seed- which adds a nice savory contrast to the sweetness of the Elba.

I can have Elba everyday of my life and never get enough. Whenever I take a spoonful I remember my late Edida Allah yr7amha. I haven’t tasted an Elba ever since she got sick and stopped making them in the mid nineties, thank god people are eating Elba again and Dallah’s Elba is good, really good.

Guess what I found in my bag? Not one, but THREE loyalty cards from Dallah! They knew I loved loyalty cards and they made sure I had three available! Way to go guys, thank you!

One thing they didn’t get to send me was their Coffee Dallah which I was supposed to review but they had complications given that they had just started up. I cannot wait to have Dallahs coffee with more of Dallahs delicious desserts. If you only knew what they had in store, desserts wise, you wouldn’t be able to wait yourself.

Dallah will have their own store in Kaifan Co-op’s first floor where you can stop by and purchase your fresh Arabian coffee brewed on the spot with your Cardamom, Saffron, Ginger, or Mesmar -clove I think its called-. They will also have an extra special ingredient that they’d have to travel for and get which I cannot wait for them to unveil.

Custom orders for gatherings is welcome with a two days notice. Sugar free and gluten free dessert items are being planned as well, they will not be forgotten, but they’d have to officially open first. Dessert items that include (Nuttella with sea salt) are in the works but I cannot reveal anything yet and I cannot wait for it either 😉

To order from Dallah right now or for more information, you can call them on 99989824, email them on, follow them on Twitter on (@Dallah), or follow them and their delicious pictures on Instagram on (@DallahKuwait). Thank you very much guys for sending me your goodies to try, Mbarak 3lekom el shahar o emwafqeen insha2 Allah.

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    3aaaajeeeeb mashallah .. en8’6ait 3laih .. 3laich eb alf 3afya o allah yewafghom