Hayoni’s Kitchen Nuttella Ramadan Treats

By | July 28, 2012


Yesterday we were invited to a Ramadan ghabga and I was thinking what to take with us. Then as I was browsing instagram I saw some Nuttella Muhalabiya and Nuttella Kanafa and Nuttella Basboosa by Hayoni’s Kitchen. I’ve tried them before (post) and I loved what I ordered so I didn’t hesitate and ordered a dozen mix Nuttella Muhalabiya and Kanafa which come in individual portions.

The box comes white and simple with a clear top cover that enables you to see what’s inside. What’s inside looked good :)

What about the taste? Well, I didn’t try the Kanafa to be frank but I tried the Muhallabiya and it was delicious!

The thing about the Muhallabiya is that it is, on its own, is very tasty. Its also light, cold, and very refreshing with a hint of Orange Blossom water in every spoonful. The Nuttella taste which I’m personally is not a fan of wasn’t dominant and it gave a nice touch to the Muhallabiya, turning a traditional dish into a hip on the trend of the Kuwaiti Nuttella-with-everything habba.

The Muhallabiya is highly recommended especially if you have a ghabga coming up and want to take something yummy with you. To order from Hayouni’s Kitchen you can sms them on 50590456, check their website (link), follow them on Twitter (@HayonisKitchen) or Instagram (@HayonisKitchen).

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