Movie Review: Brave

where can i buy Neurontin By | September 5, 2012

When my husband dragged me to the cinema to watch Brave I had pursed my lips and decided that I would be having a bad time. But I had to compromise because I do drag him to movies he doesn’t want to see as well and those 90 minutes watching another animation that I won’t like is a small price for his compromises. I didn’t see the trailer before hand, I have a new rule of ignoring trailers since they became too long and shows the best bits of the movie, so I just sat there, waiting for it to be over.

To my surprise, and sheer delight, this animation turned out to be spectacular! Its about time some movie was made where a female is the lead hero and there is no man for her to be his romantic interest. Its all about this Scottish princess with loads of wild red curls who loves her freedom too much but, alas, she had to marry someone because its what her mother, and her society, expects her to be. Therefore, she has to find a way to get around this dilemma and in her quest to do so, things go very very wrong.

I loved every moment of the movie, the Scottish accent, the way Merida’s big hair was all over the place, something only a curly head would identify with, her strong will, her determination and stubbornness. One more reason to love the movie is because Merida is, well, very much like myself -aside from the bravery thing, I couldn’t kill a bee if it flew in my direction-.

Its been a long time since Disney & Pixar came up with a sensational animation. Merida is right there with my favorite legendary rebellious women: Princess Ariel “Littler Mermaid” and Mulan. Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD. If you for some reason didn’t see it yet, what are you waiting for?

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  1. 965malls says:

    i was so bored a few days ago i went to watch the movie alone – my expectations ere so high as i heard a lot about this animation – not sure why i walked out with an ok feeling, but what is weird is that every time i think about this movie it grows on me – just like a sweet after taste – love it!