Saturday’s Dinner Party… By | September 11, 2012

buy antabuse uk My dear friend FourMe is in Kuwait for a while so I’ve decided to throw a dinner party to celebrate her arrival. Since the guests on the invitation list are all girls I thought we would have more of a finger food party rather than heavy dishes esp. since it was dinner time. I also got to try my brand new PBF Mubkhar for the first time and I have to say I loved it <3

Drinks were easy: Water, Soft Drinks, and two juices I made myself: Raspberry Mojito and Green Apple with Mango. The latter was quite a hit.

Next the salads all made by me. Good old fattoush, A pasta salad (recipe), and a recent creation the popcorn salad which turned out to be quite a hit with my guests (recipe).

Next were the finger food from various different restaurants. This stand with its little yummy concoctions I ordered from Luscious Catering.

Those little fatayer balls are so much fun to eat! Bite, squeeze in the attached dressing, and take another bite!

Also from luscious those mini assorted sandwich doghnuts on a stick. -the tray is mine though-. Very delicious and fun!

Also from luscious these mini mushroom lasagna bites which were very delicious and very popular with my guests!

More finger food available: tiny bite sized stuffed vine leaves from Empress, tiny chicken and meat shawerma wraps brought over by dear Shaima, and of course the tiny coin sized cesars pizza I’m so fond of.

Also a tray of tiny Kubbah, plain and filled with labneh and pomegranate seeds.

The twins also brought over a very nice, tangy tray of vine leaves with molasses (waraq 3enab bel debs) from a local business called 3athab “Torment”. I’ve never tried them before but they were good indeed!

We had a great time digging into the food and to my sheer excitement some of the food items -and salads- were almost wipes clean! Then when we could take no more, we moved on to desserts with tea and coffee. Now, the Arabian coffee was from Dallah Kuwait with their signature Ghraibah and it was a really big hit!

An assortment of colorful macaroons from Chocolate & Macaroons.

Mini Kanafa bites from Empress.

The girls didn’t come empty handed of course. FourMe made us her famous basboosa, Palomino brought over two boxes of my favorite strawberries dipped in chocolate from The Confectioner’s Shop which I adore, and Mai brought over a big gooey chocolate concotion from Hot Pot.

Last but not least, portion sized Berry trifles from Cake Story.

Its notable to say that the cake story trifles matched my brand new PBF cake stand that I’m using for the first time.

The cake stand looks like a suspended dantelle throw in the air where you place the dessert and it hides underneath the plates and utensils needed to eat the desserts. Practical & gorgeous at the same time <3


It was a great dinner party with good food, good friends, and lots of laughter. Insha2 Allah we gather again girls soon :)

8 Responses to “Saturday’s Dinner Party…”

  1. sheikha says:

    wow what an amazing party…love your cake stand.

  2. FourMe says:

    Our gatherings is one of the few things I look forward to when I’m back. Had a fabulous time, thank you darling :*

  3. johara says:

    Thats the most beautiful cake stand i ever saw in my life! what is pbf? is it kuwaiti? and if so, do they deliver to bahrain?

    • danderma says:

      PBF stands for Pieces by Farah, a local Kuwaiti designer with an amazing range of home accessories that is growing every day! I think that they do deliver to GCC, I’ve seen pictures once on instagram of them bubble wrapping products to be shipped to either Bahrain or Riyadh. You can check their website

      Hope this helps :)

  4. issa alsabagh says:

    اشياائكم عجية ماشاالله افكار جميلة ابداعية مدونة ايضا ممتازة