Movie Review: The Imposter

By | September 12, 2012

I was waiting in my cinema seat in the UK waiting for The Dark Night Rises to start and the trailer for the movie “The Imposter” started playing. While watching the trailer I realized I wanted to see it very much especially since I knew it was based on a true story and therefore I did.

The Imposter is about a 13-years-old teenager from Texas named Nicholas Barclay who went missing in 1994. 3 years later his family gets a call from the police stating that some 16-years-old kid was found in Spain claiming to be Nicholas. His eldest sister flies to Spain to get him and the family is very happy to have him back until an appearance of him on TV causes a private detective to doubt his story and tries to uncover the facts.

The story is indeed incredible. The guy, or the imposter, later identified as Frédéric Bourdin a mysterious Frenchman who had actually flown to America to pose as Nicholas and seemingly succeeds. What I didn’t like about the movie is that it was like watching a History channel documentary with the family of the missing boy and Frédéric talking to the camera explaining the events as they develop. I didn’t understand that it was indeed a documentary when I saw the trailer. I was a bit disappointed but quite intrigued indeed for this wasn’t any boring old documentary and it did came with quite a twist.

Would I buy it on DVD and keep it in my collection? No not really. I’ve seen it once and its enough. Its not a bad movie, its just the thing you can see on TV once and there would be no need to see it again. Its fascinating but not that earth shattering. I’d say if you want to know about an amazing tale, wait till its shown on TV or something and do watch it then.

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