Marie Claire Kuwait’s Orange Cover By | September 13, 2012

jollily I remember when Marie Claire Kuwait was first published I was beyond excited given that its one of my favorite international magazines. After reading the first few issues I was disappointed as I couldn’t identify much with it and it was a far cry from Marie Claire UK and USA so I stopped bothering. Then earlier this year I think it was in April I was in the hair salon with nothing but a Marie Claire Kuwait to entertain me and I was amazed by how different it was. It really came through and I was flipping the pages eagerly. I was so happy with the issue I read I subscribed with them at once. I think that was in May.

I have had problems with the magazine delivery. The first month it almost didn’t arrive at all. Later on it would arrive but it not on the first or even the fifth day of the month, rather on day ten, but I always feel good whenever I see the magazine on my doorstep. This month however something new happened, the magazine came in an orange protective bag like cover instead of the usual clear plastic barely there protector cover.

Why is that exciting? Well, its a new thing and new things always mean an evolution to a better service. Plus, when I ripped the bag open I thought I’d see some promotional freebie inside the bag. There was none but still the existence of the bag means there is a possibility there may be something in the future!

Why not? In the UK and USA all magazines come with freebies: an eco-friendly shopping bag, a bottle of nail polish, mascara, chocolates, sachets of hot chocolates, earrings, a small book, a hair accessory, etc. etc. I’ve never picked a magazine without some sort of promotional give away and its FUN! Even if its a small thing, it is still fun! Even the little pages with samples of perfume you get to smell is fun. We don’t have something similar yet but now this orange bag may, just may, mean that Marie Claire Kuwait would start that trend especially given that Kuwait is swarming with little businesses and talents that would benefit from such promotion. It can be as a start for subscribers only instead of everyone and its about time I’d say. Can’t wait to see if this is the case.

Letters to the editor section and the best letter/email to the editor and winning something like a featured beauty item won’t be a bad idea either. I always enjoy that part in Marie Claire UK/USA.

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