Upper Crust Pizzeria’s Second Branch Opening in United Tower

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http://uslanka.net/page/4/ One day last week an invitation arrived in a form of a miniature pizza box. It was an invitation for the opening of the second branch of Upper Crust Pizzeria in United Tower Kuwait City. Upper Crust, if you didn’t know already, is an American pizzeria franchise that opened its first branch in The Village earlier this year and has since become a popular hangout place in Kuwait.

So on Thursday night at 7:30 PM we were on our way to Kuwait City to check out the new Upper Crust branch. If you don’t know which one is United tower, its the tall new building with the flashing lights in the picture below right across from Al-Raya complex and a few meters down the road from Al-Hamra mall.

I always thought that the United Tower was beautiful, its lights mesmerizing and quite fun. It wasn’t until I actually set foot inside that I realized exactly how beautiful it is masha2 Allah. Its simply stunning!

Upper Crust’s new branch have an outdoors seating area that spills on a secluded courtyard with a decent view of Kuwait city’s towers and skyline. This would be a one fine spot to hang out during the good weather season in Kuwait.

Upper Crust’s second branch is smaller than their first one in The Village yet its well designed and cosey.


This glass corner for two is very cool!

When we arrived we were told we can make our own pizzas! Dear Ansam had already done hers and I saw her wearing a chef’s hat watching Upper Crust’s chef flipping pizza dough in the air while waiting for her own pizza to get out of the oven.

And here is Ansam’s mushroom pizza… looking good, well gone girl 😀

My husband decided he wanted to have a go at the pizza making and he had a blast! Now he cannot stop talking about it. This is him preparing and placing his onion laden pizza inside the oven.

While we mingled and chatted other guests up trays of food and drinks were passed around and the contents were quickly disappearing.

Then my husband’s mushroom and onion pizza was out of the oven, hot and ready to be devoured.

A frosty cup of coke completed the meal.

Thank you Dana Al-Salem and Lujain Al-Fulaij for extending the invitation to attend Upper Crust’s second branch opening. The new branch is spectacular and the event was a blast! Congratulations again and best of luck!

Upper Crust’s second branch is located in the ground floor of United Tower, Kuwait City. For more information or for home delivery of Upper Crust’s Pizza you can check out their website (link), their facebook page (link), their Twitter (@UpperCrustKwt) or their instagram account (@UpperCrustKwt). And yes, they have home delivery for sure and via 6alabat.com

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  1. We are loving the post! Thank you so much for making an appearance at the opening. We hope to see more of you at The Upper Crust Pizzeria!