Picture of the Week: The Old Box

is it illegal to buy Clomiphene By | September 17, 2012

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Old traditional Kuwaiti boxes like the one above come in a variety of sizes and designs. I realized recently that I have a few of this box too many. I wonder what am supposed to hide inside them though. Then it got me wondering: what did Kuwaitis use them for in the olden days? Cooking? The one with the latch doesn’t look like a cooking type of box.

Any ideas?

4 Responses to “Picture of the Week: The Old Box”

  1. Rimi says:

    emm.. probably d5oon, 3ood, m5ammerya ?
    or maybe tamr, coins…emm Zafraan!

    I have no idea, will ask and share with u =p

  2. Rimi says:

    Well, that’s a traditional perfume, women in UAE used to put it in their hairs especially in weddings for brides or in special occasions like eid

    it orange-ish mix of dehn 3ood, musk, 3ood, saffron, henna and other things, should be kept in a jar or box for a month+ before they use it that’s why “I think” it called m5ammeryah

    see the picture :) http://www.uaepulse.net/up/uploads/images/uaepulse-7271626a27.gif

    • danderma says:

      Oh OK! Nice! I must do a little research and see if women here used it or used a similar thing!