Book Review: The Doctor Will See You Now by Max Pemberton

invectively By | September 23, 2012


Back in March I read and loved a book “Trust me, I’m a junior doctor” by a British medical doctor called Max Pemberton (post). I liked it so much I set out to find the other books written by the same author/doctor and yesterday I managed to finish another one, his third or fourth actually, titled “The Doctor Will See you Now”.

In this book I can see the doctor has gained confidence and is training in psychiatry. It is still an enjoyable and funny read however it was very touching indeed. Less humor and more reality for sure. You get to read about old people wasting away with dementia or living in nursing homes and how, in one’s old age, having someone by enough caring enough to take care of you is a blessing.

Some of the situations in the book raise questions like, would you be willing to bequeath your priceless Picasso paintings in exchange of companionship, would that be right? What about the use of Electrical Shock Treatment for severely depressed patients? How is that administered and how humane is that, if at all beneficial? All of that with doses of comedy lurking in between the pages.

 I would personally recommend this book, I liked it very much indeed and I’m still on the lookout for other publications by Dr. Max to go on my bookshelf along with the two books I’ve read already.

2 Responses to “Book Review: The Doctor Will See You Now by Max Pemberton”

  1. Dear Romeo says:

    I’m totally getting this book, I looked him up & found one more books he wrote. It’s called “Where Does It Hurt?”

    • danderma says:

      Yeah I’m searching for that one but I couldn’t find it in Dubai nor in two waterstone branches in the UK :(