Book Review: The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

order cheap Seroquel online By | October 2, 2012

buy Lyrica in ireland I picked up this book last year because it was highly acclaimed with positive reviews everywhere even though It was small and the cover was grey and a bit dreary, not something I’d usually pick up while book hunting. Not the most alluring looking book, I didn’t start reading it until last week andI finished it a few days ago.

The story is in two parts and the first is about how Tony Webster met a fascinating friend, Adrian, in high school  Part one goes on to describe Tony growing up and ticking all the adult life boxes: Graduation, College, Job, Marriage, Children, then Retirement. Only at the end of part I does the story really start when a letter from a lawyer arrives bequeathing him some items from a deceased person and there the quite ordinary life of Mr. Webster takes a jolt.

Part two starts, and Tony, by going backwards and sifting through the memories of his life, realizes there might be two sides for every story. It is quite interesting, not grab the end of your seat and gasp interesting though. More like a philosophical calm interesting as realizations you deduct yourself unfold between the pages.

The ending though I didn’t understand completely and it did indeed, as the book title states, left me with a “sense of an ending”. I just wish there were more to that story and more direct explanations especially from that annoying Veronica. However, it was indeed an interesting and very good read but is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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