Luscious’s Beautiful Flower and Cheesecake Pops Bouquet

buy Pregabalin canada online By | November 4, 2012

About a fortnight ago my husband wasn’t feeling very well and I wanted to cheer him up so I ordered for him a bouquet of flowers and cheesecake pops in a fishbowl vase from Luscious catering.

The bouquet arrived on time and was gorgeous! The flowers fresh and dewy, the cheesecake pops extremely delicious and came in different flavors. My husband was very happy indeed!

Beautiful, no? Beautiful and delicious indeed! If you like it you can order it from Luscious catering by calling or contacting them via twitter (@LusciousKw) or instagram (@LusciousKw).

4 Responses to “Luscious’s Beautiful Flower and Cheesecake Pops Bouquet”

  1. nora89 says:

    mashallah ..kawaii !