Pizzetta and Prime & Toast’s Advantage Card

By | November 13, 2012

Well, apparently some wishes do come true! I’ve been wishing that we have more advantage and loyalty cards for various shops and restaurants in Kuwait (post) (post) and a few days ago my wish came true in the form of a knock on my door and a white envelope with my name on it.

What’s inside? Well, a special advantage card  with my blogs name on it entitiling me to a 15% discount whenever I dine in Prime & Toast or Pizzetta! Both restaurants being a favorite of mine that I frequent often.

I’m not sure if in the future the card will be available to everyone or frequent diners or not but hopefully it will be and I do truly wish that more and more restaurants and shops provide similar advantage cards for loyal customers! Thank you Chef Ahmad Al-Bader and Ghalia Technology, you made my day :)

2 Responses to “Pizzetta and Prime & Toast’s Advantage Card”

  1. Shaima says:

    I want .. We always have our breakfast in p&t