Things 2 Do in London: Take The Harry Potter Studio Tour – Part 1

sulkily By | November 14, 2012


If you are a Harry Potter fan then you will love this. The next time you visit London make sure you have tickets for London’s newest attraction: The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour! Last time I was in London I booked myself tickets using their online website (link) and on the day of the tour I was in almost jumping up and down in anticipation as I got off the London Midland train on Watford Junction to start the tour.

Watford Junction is about 10 minutes away from London from Euston Station. Then at the entrance of the station you will find bus stop number 4 with the big Harry Potter themed bus that will take you to the Warner Bros. Studios in 15 minutes. The Warner Bros. Studios in the UK were used before to film movies like James Bond and Star Wars and you get a brief video history of the studios as bus ride entertainmant.

When you arrive you enter your booking reference number in a machine and voila your tickets are printed. Then you go inside to a hall with a clock room, the gift shop, the tour entrance, and a cafe/restaurant. We waited for our tour to start at 5:00 PM in the restaurant with a nice cupcake and espresso as we were there early.

Then when it was our time to enter the studio I took turned on my audio guide and we got in line. There is something thrilling about standing in a queue surrounded by Harry Potter fans who understandsd exactly how you feel about this visit. Very exciting.

The first thing you see before you enter the studio is Harry’s old bedroom: the closet under the stairs! Poor Harry.

After a nice audio and cinema like introduction, the tour begins by standing at the doors of the great hall, the actual great hall props used to in the movie of course.

And we are inside! Everything from the Great Hall is there except for the enchanted ceiling which was added via special effects later on! We took pictures, we oohed and ahhed, it was lovely!

Then we moved on to the other parts of the Harry Potter sets Sadly I can’t post all the pictures so I’m choosing my favorites. For example the Gryffindor Boy’s Dormitory. The beds were designed for the actors at age 11 so by the time they got older they’ve outgrown the beds and had to squeeze themselves in to fit.

Gryffindo’s Common Room.

Dumbledore’s Office!

Tom Riddle’s Diary and Horcrux! All items displayed are actually props used in the movie.

The Weasley’s living room with the knife chopping and the pans moving “magically”.

Umbridge’s office in the Ministry of Magic.

Magic is Might Statue placed after Voldemort’s return in the Ministry of Magic where Muggles are squished.

Some of Hogwarts student’s books!

There is also a section where you get to ride a broom and have your picture taken flying on a broom but there was too long a line so we moved on to the outdoors set! There is a cafe with selling muggle drinks plus a section selling the famous Butterbeers!

Sadly the line was too long and I didn’t know if Butterbeers had alcohol in them or not so I didn’t try them :( I took my time though taking pictures with the Knight Bus!

Harry’s Aunt’s house in Privet Drive was there as well plus Harry’s parent’s house at Godric’s Hollow still destroyed from the night Voldemort’s attack.

At first I thought the moon in the background was part of the props but then I realized it was indeed a full moon that night which made the visit even spookier! Nice!

Other outdoors props include Tom Riddle’s grave, The Weasley’s blue enchanted car, and The Hogwart’s bridge. Many people were milling around them and taking pictures so I didn’t get post-worthy pictures of them. However, I still have more as we moved on from the outdoors set to the rest of the tour. More pictures will come in part two very soon :)

4 Responses to “Things 2 Do in London: Take The Harry Potter Studio Tour – Part 1”

  1. Eman says:

    I did try the butter beer its non alcaholic and children were drinking it.
    it tasted almost like gingerale with a creamy topping. it was good but couldn’t finish it though

    • danderma says:

      Gingerale? Hmmm not something I enjoy but thank you! Next time I’m there I will be trying it :)

  2. Engineerforlife says:

    Butterbear actually isnt alcoholic ive asked in orlando’s
    Universal studios and it was one of the best drinks ever