London Xmas Lights 2012 By | December 2, 2012

For the past decade or so, I’ve made sure that I am in London during Xmas time. I personally believe its the best time to visit London: Decorated shops and streets, lights everywhere, amazing new merchandise to buy, happy -often disgrunted- shoppers milling around, gift wrapping mania, and Xmas songs and charols playing all day long. People travelled in the summer, we stayed and travelled in December.

This year, however, My husband and I made the choice of staying in Kuwait and not travelling London during December. I have my reasons and I thought that was best for everyone. But yesterday before I went to sleep I heard it was snowing in the UK and I began to wail. Stupid, STUPID me! I do have a few pictures of this years decorations though so I will put them up in this post and remind myself: next year I must go Insha2 Allah!


To hold that cup of steaming hot chocolate from Godiva, to be snuggled up in the warmest items in my closet, to venture out among the throng of jolly shoppers and lose myself in their midst, to hear those jingles playing around in my head, to be in my happeist place again… <3

8 Responses to “London Xmas Lights 2012”

  1. Sheikha says:

    I know you are a die hard london fan but do give Vienna or New York a chance next Christmas. I simply loved NY during December and I am sure it would appeal to you as well.

    • danderma says:

      Vienna is too cold! London is usually warmer than other European countries for some reason. But NY is one of my dream destinations for sure. Maybe next year insah2 Allah who knows?

  2. Eiman says:

    OH God !! who told you that it is snowing!! NOT at all, and I pray to God from the bottom of my heart that it would never snow this year..
    I can confirm that it never went lower than ( -1 ) so far. Perhaps in other parts of the UK. However, not in London, nor in Brighton as I am constantly swinging between my place in Brighton and my sister’s in London. Enjoy your winter in Q8, there is no place like home :'(

    • danderma says:

      Its not? Ashwa :p
      Some news channel said that!
      I miss brighton! I spent some of my childhood summers there but I haven’t been since perhaps… 1994! I even have a poem written about Brighton when I was 11 :p

      • Eiman says:

        They might be talking about other cities up north or something (I don’t have a tv because I do not want to feel homesick every time I turn it on and see foreign channels) << Yeh.. I know I need some therapy.. I think too much about silly stuff!!

        A poem!! I am amazed.. please post it soon, I think I will be inspired if I read it..

        Well, for Brighton.. what can I say! I fell in love with this city to the extent that I refused to compromise and live with my twin sister in London. Yes.. My TWIN !!
        Thank God that I have a family who really respects my feelings and said OK.

        The city oozes with energy and culture, exactly what I am looking for to boost my creative self. I admit that I have some issues with London. I have to overcome my fears of being attacked when I move around as I never experienced travelling or living alone before. Do you know that I followed your blog to learn more about places and things in London? I am such a coward that I lived here for more than 2 years and I never even tried the big tour bus!! I only went to the movies once, in Brighton of course!! Yes I know so sad, but I keep postponing my plans waiting to find a friend who is willing to join me (and help me if I was attacked, this is why..
        The only place I feel comfortable to be alone in is a museum or a gallery, I have this theory that racist don't like art so the will never exist in such places.<< Oh.. I really sound pathetic *shy*..
        My sister is exactly the opposite, she is all over the city. Tried almost everything and visited interesting places. This is why I love Brighton it is small, bright, and welcoming place for a coward cat like me!
        Well.. I guess you can tell from the long comment that I need to have a life *sigh* ..

        • danderma says:

          Are you sure your fear is not because you miss your twin too much you don’t seem to enjoy wandering around without her? :)
          Don’t be afraid. I’ve been roaming the streets of London on my own for as long as I can remember, even as a child I did get to go places on my own -I was ten-. No one ever looked twice in my direction. Just don’t wear too much bling and return home at a reasonable hour and you’ll be fine, I swear.

          You have the opportunity of a life time to live in the UK and study. I wish I had been given that opprotunity. Believe me, in ten years time when you are behind a desk doing your job you will be grateful for the education you had. Bask in it, enjoy it, and don’t let your fear stand in your way. Be strong and live.

          • Eiman says:

            Yeh.. I know, and I am working on it, and trust me I improved alot. Hopefully will get over the rest of my fears very soon.
            I laughed when I read your comment about my sister.. no no Nooooo trust me this is not the reason. My mom honestly believes that giving birth to a twin is the mistake of her life. We have an identity crises and whenever we are in the same room with other people we start to get really agitated.
            As much as we love and miss each other we cannot meet people together. We cannot stand people’s comments on how different we look and act. My sister made me once swear not to tell anyone any more that we are twins. For a while, I really forgot that she is my twin. I believe she is the reason for my fears, because I wear a headscarf and she does not, so she keeps telling me that people look at us differently whenever I am with her because they can tell that I am a Muslim, a possible threat :$
            And when we go shopping, she say that all that they see is money, thus, the sellers keep nagging and asking us to try things!! My father says the same too when he visits and keeps asking me to stop wearing the headscarf !!
            Oh.. and not to mention my horrible older brother, although he supports my decision, he still thinks it is funny to keep sending me these scary CCTV clips on WhatsApp of girls who are attacked for wearing the headscarf in the UK! !
            Yeh.. I know I come from a troubled family, we need group therapy..

            Luckily, I have other friends who do not mind the headscarf and do not think I might attract the attention of a psychopath :@ but of course we all rarely have the time to meet up because of the workload we all have.
            Thanks Danderma for the encouragement *hug*
            I am truly thankful for this experience and have been pushing myself lately to experience new things. I wish you a blissful life and may all your dreams come true!

          • danderma says:

            The headscarf does indeed attract a bit of attention when you wear it, but its not at all that bad in Britain to be frank. You should see how they react when they see you in other European countries wearing the headscarf. If you know, in your heart, that you are right then no matter what everyone else says you should be strong and do it and one day you will be thankful for standing your ground and sticking to what you think is right.

            Best of luck and again, don’t be afraid.