Photographing Air Bubbles in Liquids

By | December 4, 2012

I’m not sure why I’m fixated on photographing bubbles! The other day I noticed the amount of bubbles produced in my cup as I was pouring tea inside and suddenly I forgot about the tea and grabbed my camera. I knew then I wanted to take a good shot of air bubbles of liquids being poured inside a glass. Why, I don’t know, I just do.

You know the commercial like photographs of some fruit being dropped into a tank of water, or some liquid being splashed everywhere? Though it looks very messy I’ve always been fasicnated by them and now I want to photograph air bubbles too. I’m guessing the technique used is the same by adjusting the shutter speed but what I don’t seem to handle well is the sharpness of the images. There is always a slight blurring that I cannot get rid off.

Anyways that’s my next project, maybe I will get good photographs maybe not. If I do, I will share them on my blog. If you have any pointers or tips please do share.

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