Lunch at The Olive Garden in Kuwait By | December 6, 2012

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I’ve been waiting for The Olive Garden to open up in the Grand Avenues for a long time now. Last week I saw people on instagram dining there and I couldn’t wait for us to go try it and a few days ago I had the chance to have lunch there and check it out.


The Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant, or to be more specific, American Italian restaurant. They are well-known for their bottomless salad and garlic bread that gets refilled every now and then throughout your meal.


For appetizers we ordered the sample platter with two appetizers: fried mozzarella cheese and the breaded mushrooms.


We had so much fun with the stringy mozzarella.

My husband also ordered the beans and beef soup which is the perfect meal for cold winter weather.

Some salad for me…

Next came our main dishes. My husband ordered a stuffed chicken with a mushroom sauce and a side of mashed potatoes that he was very happy with and enjoyed every bite.

I ordered Linguine Marinara.

How was it? Well, you’ll have a good and fun meal that feels like you are dining in the USA especially if you sit outside overlooking Victoria’s Secret. You will have to be patient with the waiters though because they won’t stop coming to your table asking if you want refills as you are trying to eat. One of the waiters whisked my unfinished plate away after my husband said he was done -I was sipping my coke- but they’ve just opened so its too soon to say how their service really is. If you are a fan of Olive Garden, you must go.

11 Responses to “Lunch at The Olive Garden in Kuwait”

  1. Cookie Ri says:

    Before I even read your review, i have got to tell you that something like 15 minutes ago, I was doing a search on blogs who have reviewed Olive Garden in Kuwait, but to no avail. and then one of my entrusted bloggers (because I trust your tastebuds albeit them being vegetarian) posts a review :) how cool is that :)

    • danderma says:

      I guess today is your lucky day then! If you go do come back and share your experience please. I seem to be gettting mixed reviews from others who tried it.

  2. Mona says:

    Looks delicious..I can’t wait! thanks for the review…

  3. Gazi says:

    The service was vary bad, the “garçon ” did not know what is a bolognese sauce, they brought one main caurs 15 min before the rest of the table.
    At the end the forgot half of the table. Finally when they brought the final plates the meets were raw and very unpleasant quality.
    We will never go back… Neither us nor our friends…

    • danderma says:

      It seems their services is still bad even though they’ve been open for quite a while! They must work on that for sure…

  4. Moahmed Mahmoud says:

    Food is quite good , service need more improvement.

  5. sadeq says:

    We have been to the Olive Garden in the states many times, when they first opened in Kuwait we went and tried it and it was good, unfortunately we for the last couple of times it was a disaster. Yesterday the food was bad, the stakes were too hard to cut and i bet the meat was not of what they used to serve when they first opened, the chicken and shrimp plate did not smell good at all, and to add insult to injury the portions got smaller on top of that when we asked to get frize instead of the potatoes they are serving with one of the meals they wanted to charge us for it giving that the will replace not add.

    Too bad they started ok and now it looks like they want to start cutting corners.

    • danderma says:

      My first experience with them in their Avenues branch was a disaster by all means but my experience in Arabella branch made me decide that perhaps it wasn’t too bad! I suggest you write to Olive Garden USA regarding your experience! Smelly chicken and shrimp is not something to ignore!
      There is a third branch in Fintas, newly opened, I haven’t tried them yet but I do have a feeling their food and service might be the best of all three. I have to try it myself first to make sure…

  6. Dinna says:

    How about the price? It is expensive?

    • danderma says:

      No not really, quite a good deal for the amount and quality of food you’re being served.