Magnolia Bakery’s Invitation

buy neurontin online uk By | December 13, 2012

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If you thought the cupcake craze was dwindling you might want to hold that thought for a new cupcake bakery in Kuwait is opening its doors next week. Not any cupcake store, mind you, it’s the cupcake bakery, the one is thought responsible for starting the cupcake hoopla in the first place, Magnolia’s Bakery.


Yesterday evening as I was taking the last bites of my lunch this bag arrived bearing the familiar Magnolia Bakery’s logo with my blog’s name on it with a cupcake box and an invitation to the opening inside.



I’ve never tried Magnolia’s bakery in America but I tried the Dubai’s branch (post) and I have some very fond memories of standing in their line, gawking at all the goodies -Banana pudding, red velvet cheesecake, the vanilla frosting!- and wishing I didn’t have to bring back a box of squished cupcakes whenever I returned to Kuwait (post). Yesterday, my wish came true and I had my very first Magnolia cupcake freshly baked in Kuwait. The scent of vanilla wafted out of the box the moment I opened it <3



Thank you Magnolia Bakery for inviting me to your opening next week, I can’t wait to try more delicious cupakes -and banana pudding-. For more information about Magnolia Bakery Kuwait and their opening updates you can follow them on Twitter (@MagnoliaKuwait) or instagram (@MagnoliaKuwait).

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