Announcement: Trying LoFat’s Vegetarian Diet Menu for 30 Days

Neustadt/Nord By | December 13, 2012


LoFat offered me a thirty days trial of their new vegetarian diet menu in exchange to posting about my experince on the blog. I’ve tried LoFat diet for while in 2011 and liked their food alot but their menu wasn’t customized to a vegetarian lifestyle so I had to make the vegetarian choices myself. This time however they have a new menu dedicated solely to vegetarians taking into account the lack of protein in their diet.

Therefore, for the next thirty days on my blog I will be posting about my daily balanced vegetarian diet food from LoFat.. I will take pictures and post on daily basis a summary of my meals of the day which will include my honest  comments on how the food/portion/service was. I will also compare it to my previous experience whenever I retry a dish I’ve tried before.

A very isotretinoin purchase overnight delivery important desclaimer to take into account: I will not be paid for the reviews. I never review anything on my blog in exchange for money, period. The LoFat meals however are free of charge of course since they’ve approached me and not vice versa.

So if you are interested, the next thirty days will have a daily post on my LoFat vegetarian meal experience. One thing I know for sure is that a vegetarian lifestyle is finally getting attention and having their own dedicated menu instead of having dietitians sigh, scratch their heads, and halfheartedly try to accomodate your bizzare diet choices. I wonder if vegans are next!

LoFat’s vegetarian diet menu was delivered to my house, I made my choices for the next two weeks, and my first post on the diet will be tommorow. If you have any questions/complaints/comments/suggestions you are more than welcome to share and comment.

To learn more about LoFat’s diet menu plans you can call them 22250650 on ,check their website (link), like their facebook page (link), follow them on Twitter (@LoFatGroup), or instagram (@LoFatGroup).

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