LoFat Vegetarian Diet – Day 3

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Day three of Lofat vegetarian diet menu trial started with breakfast. Fruit skewer, low fat laban, and a grilled cheese sandwich. I made myself a cup of black coffee to

go with it.


What I really love about Lofat’s breakfast is their fruit skewers. I’m given a chance to choose other fruits or a fruit yogurt but I will be choosing the fruit skewers every day for the next thirty days because I love them and they go so well with the laban.


As for the grilled cheese sandwich, or half a sandwich to be exact, after I reheating it was kinda limp and sad. The cheese was too mild and almost tasteless in its melted state. I don’t think I will be ordering it again.


Lunch was mushroom risotto and a


The risotto was really good. I’m not much of a risotto fan but I did enjoy every bite of the mushroom risotto. Pity the portion was too little if you compare it to the pasta or the kushary provided in days one and two. When the portion of the main dish is so little, you need a full fledged big salad to compensate. The salad I chose however was the potato and orange salad.


The orange potato salad was OK. The potatoes were a tad too firm and the oranges did nothing to complement them. The sauce was light but it still is missing something. It needs an extra ingredient to take it from OK to really good. Maybe a dash of lemon and paprika would do.


Dessert was Dessert is bread and apple pudding. I had high expectations for this dessert since its supposed to be a bread pudding but it tasted weird. I didn’t like it. So far the risotto was the best thing I’ve tasted on day 3.


Dinner was lentil vegetable stew with plain rice and a grilled vegetables soup.


The soup was OK but it had a peppery after taste. I still think the mushroom millet soup is Lofat’s best tasting soup so far.



As for the lentil stew, well it was a classic Indian stew and mildly spiced but you can still feel a bit of heat. Its a “7amsa” with rice as we say in Kuwaiti only very light and not oily at all. Its not something I’d be craving in the future.


I think my choices for day three weren’t that successful not counting the mushroom risotto of course. I hope day four meal’s are much better and tastier.

To learn more about LoFat’s diet menu plans you can call them 22250650 on ,check their website (link), like their facebook page (link), follow them on Twitter (@LoFatGroup), or instagram (@LoFatGroup).

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