How many Kisses do you Greet People With?

By | December 16, 2012


As customary in Kuwait, when we greet each other we bestow kisses on each others cheeks. Though I’m not a fan of kissing especially when you enter a room chock full of women and would love to only say hello and wave, I can’t escape it but I guess its worse for elderly people, greeted by a continuous stream of their family members and must always end up with some lipstick mark on their clothing or forehead.

Now the embarrasing moment comes when you peck someone on the cheek twice, only to have them pull you back for a few more. I’m exhausted, trying to remember and figure out how many kisses/pecks/air kisses I have to bestow per person. Some kiss once on each cheek, some kiss twice on each cheek, some kiss once on one cheek and then three continuous ones on the other cheek.

Why don’t we have one unified code of kissing in Kuwait? What do you do when you are trying to greet someone and don’t know how to? Personally, I’d go with one kiss per cheek only and whomever wants to extend the greeting -which I cannot fathom why to start with- can pull be back and continue. What about you? How many kisses are there per your greeting and most importantly, why?

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  1. Dareen says:

    I thought I was the only confused soul around here *phew*. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if that code included a simple handshake, or maybe a nod and a smile.

    • danderma says:

      Totally agree! Why can’t it be a wave and an air kiss? Much better, less touching involved!

  2. Hafsa says:

    LOLLL yessss…you being a kuwaiti are confused…think about me!:p
    I also go with the one on each cheek and thats it unless someone pulls me back…but you r right, we should have a kissing rule listed on wikipedia! lol:D

  3. Ansam says:

    You know what! I was talking about it with my friends… I face the same problem and I fear, I FEAR, the “accidental” French kiss because of the alternating or non-alternating of cheek kissing! It annoys me! No no, it scares me when the kisser and kissee are not in harmony! You may want to alternate as the kisser when the kissee is not ready and BAM! And my trick to avoid such incidents is to slowly move from one cheek to the other LOL!

    I remember once it used to be two to four kisses alternating between cheeks! Not the one kiss on one cheek then three continuous kisses on the other! Dabbasa 😛

    The French are known to kiss four kisses alternating between cheeks, Lebanese are known to kiss three times alternating between cheeks! Americans on the other hand usually prefer hugs, but when they want to kiss… they will only give you ONE!

    I dont know why we confuse ourselves! Why not go back to the two to four kisses – though you have to mentally understand and know as the kisser how many kisses the kissee should get!

    I personally prefer two kisses… one on each cheek!

    Oooohkay! Enough said! I think I wrote a comment that equals a post LOL

    • danderma says:

      Wee3! Now I hate kissing even more! Thank god I never had the accidental kissing thing!
      I don’t know! How hard is it to kiss one on each cheek o khala9! Its even more economical considering the amount of time it would take to kiss a roomful of women for example. Instead of four kisses per woman, two are less time consuming! Mahi 7ala!

      • Lol! I was gonna say exactly what Ansam said! I spent a year and half studying in the UK and b4 that it was either two kisses or four when you haven’t seen this person for a long time or you miss ’em and when I finished studying things have changed and I don’t why! What the hell happened?! Why are doin the continous kissing thing?!

        Btw to avoid accidental mouth to mouth, never be the first to start greeting. observe the kissing behaviour of every person then go greet them :p

        • danderma says:

          So it’s not only me who is used to two or four kisses only and now suddenly one million different combinations? Interesting indeed… what happened?

  4. Blush says:

    ooooooooh God! I am always stuck with this hilarious and embarrising situation, sometime due to so many times of confusing kisses and moving your head once in one cheek and then thrice in one cheek, it makes me scared if I by mistake kiss the lips (EEW) coz you are so confused, if you are going to go the left or she going to get your right ckeek, huuuuuh! Very interesting topic. I always thought I am the only person facing this! LOL

    • danderma says:

      Apparently we are not the only confused ones then! I always thought people knew what were doing when they greeted each other but apparently many are as lost as us :p One and each cheeck and pull back is the way to go!

  5. Asmaa says:

    You know what, the best way to make them hold back the kisses is exchanging the greeting and after the first round of kisses just pull yourself a little back and look at their face fully and tell them how good it is to see them! Or have another conversation starter, it really gets tiring when you go into a room full of people, and in general the more you miss someone, or how often you see them, is in co-relation with the number of turns.

    I’d gladly meet my old friends and not care how much qublas were exchanged, but surely not if I see them very often, it’s crazy!

    • danderma says:

      Sometimes if I pull back I get pulled back into the action! I even try to wave hello from a distance yet still I get pulled back in! Why more than two is beyond me!

  6. Ghadeer says:

    Hahah! I am guilty of kissing thrice- (that’s what we Iraqis do!) but I feel bad for causing confusion for people who kiss twice..and I awkwardly lean in for a third.

    I say we should eliminate this whole cheek-kissing thing altogether. Hugs/handshakes all the way!

  7. ShoSho says:

    Ufff such a struggle I am confused as well. If you find a solution, please do share! I don’t mind kissing but I need to know how, and like you said a unified.. Plus, I agree if it’s too many people mali kholg loool.. My cousin never kisses, since she was a kid. I forget sometimes and she pushes me back loool We should learn to be like her.. It is not that she’s rude, she just doesn’t like kissing at all..

    • danderma says:

      Zain itsawee! I should start pusing people back or just extending a hand to shake. Do the one kiss on each cheeck thing o anyone who pulls you back for more will be his fault not urs

  8. shahou88 says:

    *_* I HATE those with one kiss then they other side lots off kisses =””( I MEAN why dont we just shake hands and thats all =””( WHYYYYYYY