Smoking Yahaheel? By | August 24, 2008 smknyhaheel

Yeah something i have noticed lately and i want to rant about… it makes me Maaaaaaaaaaaaad

Awalan il yahaheel 3moman…

Ya jma3a itha ma 3ndokom iste3dad itjabloon 3yalkom o ityawdoon hom. Ish7aga ityebonhom in the first place?

Of course not every one is ready to raise a child. Il mas2ala mahe mas2alat yalla yeebaw before ma yedor 3la ur marriage il 7ool or else. Its about being ready to be responsible for that child. Unfortunately our society ma yehemah hal shay. Result? Yahaheel yetkha6refoon every where. Ams i told a child off because he (5 years old max) mit3aleg yam il escelator o ga3ed ye6el t7t o his feet is not even touching the ground! y3ni who is responsible for not taking care of the child? i tell him to come down (nicely 7ram its not his fault) o look around for a family member of his, or even a maid. Mako a7ad!!!

I will tell u the story about the poor kid who clung to me one day complaining about his mom in another post…

Anyways, a7la ma fe il mawthoo3, hal ayam, in avenuees or marina, infront of every single person, security, preacher, parent, domestic helper, social activits, and kids around, we see 10 year old boys, gathered o smoking!!! Yes it happened infront of me, not once, twice!!! What am i supposed to do in this case?

March over o snatch the pack out of his hands?

Call security for him?

Is there any such law against children smoking in public? Ako law against selling smoke ok but actually smoking?  Irony is, the marina itself is asmoke free building. Fa they should be arrested for violating that “Rule” that seems no one is respecting anyways…

Shensawee?! Tell me… as im about to slap the next kid i see smoking infront of me thinking that he is Cool!

0 Responses to “Smoking Yahaheel?”

  1. Lama says:

    I agree with you, You don’ know what to do, feel sorry for them or yell at them or both.

    I wish there is a law the forbid smoking as drugs. but again drugs are forbidden but yet people dies from it here!!!

  2. yara4ever says:

    In London mna3aw smoking indoors… o next year 7ata outside its not allowed and there are certain places for smokers to smoke… yarait e6abqona hnee

  3. danderma says:

    Ako lawy against mathalan … if u see someone baye3ha o ga3ed yeshem bel mall? mako leesh? cause they know if they are caught, they will be punished severly.

    Same thing for smoking. Of course they cannot ban adults, lakin if kids knew inah ako severe punishment “something like child abuse laws would suffice” chan ma itmelegaw. o the worst part is you cannot walk up to them o stop them.

    Im writing a rant about smoking in general now. sej ye7eroon :(