My 12 Favorite iPhone Applications

By | December 26, 2012


One of my friends and the reason why I became a blogger, ex-blogger Yara, thought it was interesting to post a list of my favorite iPhone applications especially since she took my recommednations with the Sleep Cycle app and loved it. As 2012 is about to finish up, I’m looking back and thinking what applications did I truly love indeed. So I’m sharing my favorite 12 applications from the App Store:

  1. Shazam. Thanks to Shazam, my music list is growing everyday  Whenever I hear a song anywhere, all I have to do is to ask shazam to listen to is and then I’m directed to iTunes to buy that very particular song. No more “OMG I love that song what is it must memorize the lyrics to Google it quick oops its gone” moments.
  2. Sleep Cycle (post). Thanks to it waking up in the morning is not an issue anymore. Now if only I can find an iPhone app that would urge me to leave my warm bed in the winter mornings. Mako?
  3. 6alabat app. If is a lifesaver, then 6alabat app is the lifesaving buoy! I’ve used it to order my lunch/dinner/party food everywhere: Arriving home in the airport, driving home from work, shopping and returning home, blow drying my hair before at home before my guests arrive, you get the picture.
  4. Goodreads app. If you love books like I do, you’d appreciate this application. Aside from connecting you to your goodreads account online where you can review books. It also comes with a barcode reader you can use to scan the ISBN barcode of your books and add them to your library immediately  This is also helpful when you want to double check if the book you are about to purchase isn’t already waiting to be read on your shelves at home.
  5. Camera+. If you are a photography enthusiast like me you’d appreciate the picture quality and editing options available when you take photographs with your iPhone camera using this app. Particularly useful for nighttime photography in dark surroundings.
  6. Filterstorm. I use this application to edit pictures on the iPhone. Controlling brightness, constrast, cropping, blurring, and other photo editing options.
  7. Air Video Free. I use this app to stream videos from my “server”, in this case my laptop, to my TV directly while controlling my streaming using my iPhone or iPad, acting as a remote.
  8. Jamie Oliver Recipes. If you are a fan of Jamie Oliver -I am!- you’d love this application where you can browse his recipes on your iPhone. Particularly useful if you are about to cook something and don’t have enough work space on your counter to prop a heavy cookbook -all of Jamie’s are heavy!-.
  9. Net-a-Porter App. Now just because I don’t post much about fashion doesn’t mean I don’t love it. I’m actually a self confessed fashion victim and Net-a-porter addict who is recovering. It doesn’t hurt to brown the What’s New and lust after the gorgeous heart stopping pieces on my iPhone.
  10. British Airways App. Before the app I used to dread having to time my online check in. I used to make sure that at the exact moment check in is open I must be on a computer, fingers ready to check in and change my seats. With the app, I can check in wherever I am. I can actually move freely and not worry, set a timer that check in would start in a few minutes. And with a few clicks on the iPhone I’d be checked in and that’s it. No restraints, no planning where to be with an internet connection ahead of time.
  11. Can I say Instagram? It is a life changing application after all and I’m sure you all know why and how etc.
  12. Last but not least: Crazy Taxi! When I play Crazy Taxi I’m instantly transferred to 1999, sitting on the floor of my room in the UK and roaming the streets of San Francisco like a maniac, slamming into everything and everything. I still play the original Crazy Taxi on my dreamcast but its now much easier to play on my iPhone of course.


And that concludes my 12 favorite iPhone Applications for the year 2012. What about you, dear reader? What are you favorite apps for 2012? If you have any recommendations, please do share :)

4 Responses to “My 12 Favorite iPhone Applications”

  1. Cookie Ri says:

    Shazam is cool but you should try SoundHound, similar to shazam but with SoundHound you can even hum the tune to it and it’ll give you every last detail about the song :)

  2. Yara says:

    Yaaaay thank you <3
    Here are some apps im loving right now,
    965flowers: you know the website? you can send chocolates/flowers from well known places like fleur, november, and chocolate bar, godiva and many more to any where. You choose the items you want, pay online and its delivered same day! Stress free and saves you a trip to the flower shop or ordering my phone and not knowing what they sent

    Wardrobe Journal: Take a photo of what your wearing, add categories like who u saw that day, where you went and when etc it saves you from wondering if you wore that before to the same group of ppl etc

    Foodspotting: shows you places to eat around you with (great) pics and ppls reviews

    Esaal emjarib: reviews and ratings of every single thing in Kuwait from businesses to salons to banks to doctors.. easy to use with nice graphics

    Google maps for iphone: Life saver! Before i leave i just enter where im headed it shows me which route will take me their fastest and shows me where there is traffic and how to avoid it detailing even how many minutes it will take me to get there

    • danderma says:

      965 flowers have an iPhone app? Most of my gifts and flowers sent during 2012 were via their website! I didn’t know that, thank you :*

      Oooh I used to remember what I wore down to the smallest detail in the past to each and every occasion. Now with age I’m always “did I wear that? When?” now this app will be helpful!

      Foodspotting like the website foodspotting?

      Esaal emjarib I didn’t try it yet, I will be soon…

      I’ve heard so much about Google maps but I never tried it. Frankly I barely use the map on my iPhone at all but I will give it a try!

      Thank you love for the post idea and for the recommendations! Love you :*