Movie Review: The Life of Pi

Denain By | December 31, 2012

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can you buy Lyrica in canada The last movie I’ve seen in 2012 was “The Life of Pi”. The story about a teenage boy who immigrated from India with his family and the animals of their zoo on board a Japanese ship heading to Montreal only to become lost at sea with the company of a tiger, a vicious dangerous hungry tiger that is.

The movie is sensational. The story is fast paced, I watched it in a 3D IMAX theatre and what I’ve seen on screen was spectacular! I wasn’t in that much awe before since I’ve seen Avatar in a 3D IMAX (post) but this time I know this is on planet earth and that we can, indeed, experience such beauty. I loved the sad irony of the situation Pi found himself in and it was bitterly funny at some moments. Pi does seem to have the worst luck ever.

The ending? I won’t spoil it for you but it might leave your mouth hanging open and you will keep re-thinking it even after you’ve left the cinema. A good movie indeed.

Of course my movie experience would have been much better had the two yapping girls catching up on their lives next to me not stopped talking. I don’t understand why people around here think that its OK to talk all movie long about their lives. If you need to meet friends and catchup, believe me the movie theatre is NOT the place for you. A cafe would’ve been more suitable and much more private. We should have VIP 3D IMAX theatres for these kinds of movies.

I would highly recommend the movie but I think watching it in 3D IMAX added to its magic. I’m not sure I want to watch it on DVD in a normal screen though, like Avatar. I’ve never been able to re-watch Avatar on TV ever since I’ve seen it on the 3D IMAX so if you want to really enjoy it do it now while its still playing.

4 Responses to “Movie Review: The Life of Pi”

  1. Ahmed Mandy says:

    I agree with every word you said. This movie absolutely blew my mind away. It’s really hard to put into words how just amazing this movie is. I mean, the cinematography alone is the best I have ever seen. Period. Every shot in this movie is just so beautiful, it’s like each shot is its own gorgeous painting. It really blows everything I’ve seen from Avatar.

    Oh, and yes. IMAX 3D is the only way to watch this movie to truly appreciate it.

    • danderma says:

      Exactly its so beautiful, the scenery, the shots, the despair and happiness and experience glowing through the screen. I believe the 3D IMAX was invented for these kinds of movies!

  2. noon says:

    by far it was my favorite movies this year! and i as well watched it 3d IMAX, its just breathtaking. it made me cry more than once!

    • danderma says:

      I think I cried once, my favorite part was when the tiger was in the water and he made puss in boot’s face for Pi :p