Azraq’s Ice Cream Bonbons from Scoop a Cone

Bikin By | January 11, 2013

Prijedor sackftc-08

Kuwait is hit with the Gulf Cup Football Tournament fever these days. Many businesses are showing their support to the Azraq -the blue one, blue being the colour of the Kuwaiti team’s uniform- by producing limited edition blue merchandise. A knock came on my door yesterday with a white cooler box from Scoop a Cone came baring one of the Azraq supporting products.


Inside the cooler box were a dozen mini ice cream cones, or bonbons, in a vibrant shade of royal blue. Very cute indeed!


I think I took over a hundred pictures of the little blue Azraq bonbons!


Each bonbon cone came with four little dots on top of the blue dome. The dots are in red, black, white, and green! Just like the Kuwaiti flag colours.



The bonbons come in two flavours: vanilla and chocolate. The ones we’ve tried were all vanilla flavoured ones though and they were extremely good and just the right size for a little nibble.


Somehow the little bonbons formation reminded me of football players for some reasons. Or maybe that’s the football spirit talking.



Very fun little blue Smurf like treats to have around while watching the next football match.


Thank you Scoop a Cone for sending the Azraq bonbons my way. For more information and to order the bonbons you can call Scoop a Cone on 23930607, check their website (link), check their facebook page (link), or follow them on instagram (@Scoop-a-cone).



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