Things 2 Do in London: Union Jacks by Jamie Oliver & Chris Bianco

By | January 21, 2013


It was a cold afternoon in London, we’ve been walking for hours on end, shopping and taking pictures, when we finally reached Covent Garden and decided to stop there for some lunch. We were heading in the direction of Laduree when I saw a new and unfamiliar steel and glass structure that looked like a cafe/restaurant smack in the middle of Covent Garden market.


Hello there, where did you come from? I didn’t see it before and I doubt its been there a year. Its name was Union Jacks. I almost decided to continue my way to Laduree when I saw the name the words “Jamie Oliver” and I knew I was sold. I had to try this new Jamie place!


Union Jacks by Jamie Oliver and Chris Bianco is a new British tapas bar meets wood-fired pizzeria meets Gastro pub! Lots of steel, modern looking, raging fires with pizzas preparing to go inside, full views of the Covent Garden market, and buzzing with diners! It didn’t take long to find us a table by the window panes.



As we sat down we noticed buttons by our table that said “Toasty Feet” which meant it turned on some kind of heating. Especially nice for the miserable December weather but it wasn’t that cold that day.


We took a look at the menu. Lots of different dishes with a British twist. Lots of fish dishes, plenty of salads and sides to choose from, plus the wood-fired pizzas!


It didn’t take us long to place our orders and there were plenty to choose from. We were very hungry but we wanted something light and not very heavy. After we placed our orders we kept gazing at the market shoppers while waiting for the food to arrive.


I also took a million pictures of the colorful tables and chairs. I loved how summery and colorful they were.


First our drinks arrived. They didn’t have the usual cola diet cola soft drinks. Instead they had their own sodas so I took an Apple and Cinammon one and my husband took the lemonade one.


Next came our salads: all fresh and crunchy and the portions were just right! Not too much, not too little, and ideal for sharing. The first was a very delicious cabbage salad.


The second was a baby gem lettuce salad with delicious dressing.


And of course we had to order potatoes! Delicious and warming potatoes <3


Our wood-fired pizza arrived with the salads at once. I think the name of the pizza we shared was woodland or something similar.


The woodland pizza was a mushrooms pizza with no tomato sauce. All mushrooms, earthy and tangy and lip smackingly delicious.


I’m imagining its taste as I’m typing up this post.



As far as Jamie Oliver’s restaurants goes, this one by far is my favorite. The location is excellent, its very airy and light with a retro modern feel, and the food is excellent. I can’t wait till I’m back in London for some more wood-fired pizzas and crunchy fresh salads. My only regret is that I didn’t try their special ice creams presented in retro golden bowls. Next time insha2 Allah!

Union Jacks is located in Covent Garden Market. For more infomation and locations you can check their website (link). The pizzas are highly recommended.

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