Things 2 Do in London: Neal’s Yard

Asino By | January 30, 2013

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One of my favorite spots in London has to be Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. Its a little secluded courtyard accessible by a narrow alley with only a barrel on top of the entrance to guide you in.

As you walk through the alley you can see bursts of color at the end, then you stop and take a long long at this wall art which I’ve posted about before (post). So creative, so beautiful.



As you continue your way into the courtyard, you are momentarily shocked by the amount of color surrunding you. Its like stepping into a rainbow! Every where you look, there is a vibrant shade of juicy color and immediately it lifts your spirits up.


In the couryard you will find a few shops “Neal’s Yar Remedies” and cafes with outdoorsy chairs “Salad Bar”, “La Piazzetta”, and a juice place. You could even walk in with a cup of coffee or a takeaway from pret and sit on the barrel centered benches and relax for a little while in the peace, quite, and color.






There is also a cute little salon with a facade decoration of butterflies! Groovy!




Just outside Neal’s Yard there is Neal’s Yards Dairy shop with big slabs of fresh cheeses. Sadly all my pictures of it are shaky but its also a great place to pick up a lip smacking slice of cheese if you are a cheese lover like I am. Oh and this little old fellow inside the pizzeria says hello and awaits to welcome the customers!


Neal’s Yard is located in the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden. Its the perfect place to stop for a breather and some photos or to drink a cup of coffee in peace away from the noise and crowds.

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