A Golden Danderma Necklace from Asrar Shop

Tecuci By | February 5, 2013

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The owner of a custom Jewelry shop sent me a cute gift, a golden necklace with my blog name, Danderma, spelled out as a pendant attached to a gold chain, complete with a little ruby-like heart dangling from it! I loved it so much I decided it deserved a Danderma style photo shoot.


Asrar Shop can customise many things with your name or whatever word or phrase you wish: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, rosaries, cufflink, and more.  The finishing is very clean and really lovely.




I was very happy with my blog necklace. I might be making myself a keychain with my blog name on it in Arabian calligraphy soon and hang it on my beloved Canon camera! It never occurred to me to customise something of mine in my blog name before, I don’t know why?



The necklace now sits proudly my in jewellery box, looking good there.



That, of course, was before I caught Bo Throos stealing my necklace and trying to run away with it! Never thought you had it in you Bo Throos, its mine! He got detention by the way.


Thank you Asrar Shop for your gift, it is lovely and made me very happy indeed! For more information on Asrar Gift she does all custom Jewelery you can contact her on her Whatsapp at +965-65540829 or follow her and check her work on instagram (@AsrarShop).

8 Responses to “A Golden Danderma Necklace from Asrar Shop”

  1. Elegant Chic says:

    That’s one lovely necklace! :)
    And the photos are amazing!! :)

  2. Asrarshop says:

    You deserve it dear ❤

  3. Jacqui says:

    The first customized Blog object is always the best! Hehehe it looks gorgeous!

    3alaich bl 3afya love :*

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon Allah y3afeech <3 It feels good to hold my blogs name in my hand for some reason, I should start customizing more!

  4. dozenroses says:

    I liked your style of writting. Congrats on the necklace . Its pretty thing to own . However i like your jewellry box . Where did you get it from ? do let me know.