Pathetic or Smart: Begging Your Way into Events?

By | February 6, 2013


I’m astonished with every passing day at the lengths some people would go to to attend a blogger’s event and sadly we’ve seen with our own eyes bloggers that no one had heard of before because they just started yesterday shamelessly asking the event organizers shamelessly to be invited as well or even fighting and acting all haughty and offended when they didn’t receive their invites.

I still remember the years when I was literally an unknown blogger. I poured my heart and soul into the blog, I checked popular bloggers posts on daily basis trying to figure what made them appealing to the readers, I watched the well-known bloggers of that time as they were invited to review restaurants or try something new sent their way. I wished that the day would come when I would be recognizes for my efforts and sought out to do the same. I worked harder and harder each day for years until one day it happened to me, my humble blog’s name was not virtually unknown anymore.

Then the event’s mania began and poof, everybody wanted to become a blogger. Technically speaking everybody on planet earth can become a blogger, just open a blog and write away. But working hard and posting and trying to make a distinguished name for your blog is apparently too time and effort consuming to get you into an event. After all, you didn’t open the blog to share some knowledge, or rant, or try to inspire people with your talents. Its opened just so you can say you have a blog, and the best way to fill it up with information is that you go to event, click a few photos, and write about them. But you are not invited to events because you don’t technically register on the blogsphere radar yet, so what can you do? Beg to be invited of course.

How does the begging happen? You either learn that there is an event coming up by company X or event organizer Y and you call them up saying you are a blogger and want to attend. Or you contact them in front of their followers in the social media outlets, hinting that you are wishing for an invite, or ask them shamelessly to send you an invite as well, or fight with them after or before an event on why you didn’t invite them to that event since she/he is a blogger too. Sometimes the event organizers would ignore those blunt event-crashers but many times they seem too embarrased they apologize and send an invite right away. Voila, you opened a blog yesterday and invited to an event tomorrow! Easy no?

 In Arnold’s Schwar. Book, he had a chapter with a list of rules a the end and one of them was “Don’t let your pride get in the way”. I myself have let my pride get in the way a LOT of times. For example, if I’m not invited the first time around, I won’t attend the second time around. I stil don’t consider myself an IT blogger and I’m still working on developing my blog so one day I can sit back and think to myself “Now I’ve made it”. Have I been wasting my time all these years? Trying to build a name for my little blog in hopes that my blog’s good reputation would open the doors for me? Should I have just asked and shown my face?

Pathetic vs. Proud? I’m not really sure anymore.

But I think its worth it to arrive at an event with a sense of entitilement, that you’ve earned entry to this event. That when you shake hands with the event organizers and introduce your blog’s name, someone would actually tell you how much they love your blog and how they read it first thing in the morning rather than give you a blank stare with a big fat question mark flowing inside an even bigger bubble that says “Come again?”. Yes, I choose pride  that comes from hard work. I’m still hungry, and will still try and work my way to the top.

What about you, fellow bloggers? Do you think its smart or pathetic to beg your way into an event?

18 Responses to “Pathetic or Smart: Begging Your Way into Events?”

  1. Kuwaitiful says:

    Well said Danderma,

    The amount of new blogs popping up has increased dramatically, for the ones that go ahead and actually make a blog, those last a month of two maximum most times. They realize there’s much more to blogging then just clicking on ‘publish’.

    I don’t know much about the blog-event-beggars thing but begging a company to invite you is the worst first impression you can ever do. You’re basically trashing your reputation as a blog that asks for events she/he was never invited to.

    • danderma says:

      The way I see it its working out well for them! Many event organizers or companies do not have a thorough insight into the blogging world and don’t want to offend anybody, plus if someone asks you for an invite in real life, you wouldn’t deny them that now do you?

      • Kuwaitiful says:

        True, I wouldn’t, but keep in mind they’d end up with a good rep among brands and event agencies but not so much through out the blogosphere or at least with those who are ‘in-the-know’. Bloggers should focus getting traffic and fame from the unique content they provide not the show-off events they go to, you should write a top 10 tips for beginner bloggers in Kuwait!

        • danderma says:

          I think I have written that somewhere, but then if you are blogging for the sole purpose of getting goods and freebies, why bother with a unique blog at all? Fast track it and get it…

  2. Newq8bride says:

    mashalah mashalah you are alwayes getting it right walah .

    you know what ?? we started almost togeather , during the years when we are all anonymoues , i remember girls were dying to be bloggers , but they didn`t know thet we work hard and we love it , we`ve been blogging for more than 4 years before we start reciving invitations . O agolich shay etha male khilg o mo 7aba el mkan ma aroo7 !! o etha mo ma3zoma 3adee !! shno elmishkla ??

    o tkhaylay ygolon enah e7na ntlzg bl companies 3ashan nakheth hadya balash !!!

    thank u thank u bas walah el galb matroos :*

    • danderma says:

      I think you started a little bit before me. I remember reading and enjoying your posts with the other bloggers I used to only comment on, maybe we are a few months apart.
      Exactly my point, and I don’t think every event is interesting enough or is suitable as a blog event to start with. But you hear those accusations all the time and all you can say is “kil min yara el nass eb 3ain 6b3ah”, mo?


  3. Shilo says:

    thanks for your information – as a recent blogger i think you are absolutely correct, so what if a blogger is not invited to a restaurant opening, or a shop opening. Do you think its not okay for them to visit LATER and take pictures.. I don’t know why people beg to go to events – if you are not invited then work on something else, there is so much to talk about – be original

    I hadn’t heard about your blog either, my friend told me about it since i read other blogs and since then i really like your opinions and your honest blog entries.

    Keep it up dear.


    • danderma says:

      Thank you for your kind words regarding my blog. There is a big difference in wanting to appear in events for the sake of attending events and for visiting whatever you want and posting about it. I think its absolutely fine, everybody does that. Then again I am not an authority on what’s OK or not, I just state what I think is OK or not OK in my own opinion and perspective :)

  4. Hafsa says:

    I have been wanting to start blogging since before moving back to Kuwait 2 years ago, but for some reason was always hesitant. I wanted to be anonymous and reflect my ideas and views without my personal life getting in the way, but I felt it would somehow or other.
    The amount of blogs I follow is huge and they all inspire me on a daily basis to start blogging … I just hope to take the plunge one day, I have too many ideas piling up ready to burst :p
    Your blog has been the first few which I started following and follow to date as your style and thoughts really match mine and I enjoy your honesty alot.
    Blogging for the sake of events is sick, I doubt if I ever start blogging and if I ever get invited I would actually go … blogging is not about fame , it is just a virtual space to broaden your horizons and share thoughts, in my opinion that it.
    I just feel I have made a bunch of new virtual friends when I communicate with bloggers online or on instagram and that is what make me happy :)

    • danderma says:

      Blogging is for everybody and everyone can be a blogger. Even Twitter, everyone can open a twitter account and tweet to their heart’s content. There is a new trend emerging though, that this person is a “Tweep” so its like a job title or something. Its just weird and just owning a social media account doesn’t mean you are better or above other people.

  5. ElPaDRiNo Q8 says:

    Dande dande dande .. come onnnnn!

    let them have some fun :p

    blogging 9arat mehnat man la mehna lah .. simply .. all you need .. blog name .. subscribe to botamba .. download newspapers and yabela app and such .. post ele3lanat so you can say i’m here in a daily basis!

    personally .. i think this is wrong .. you should at least make the reader feel that you have put a little effort on your post .. at least read the ads and choose whats special for example!!

    old days are hard to come again .. i’m really missing my spanian blog .. really missing the old days when blogging was a social act and as a blogger you are trying to help people with your posts as well as having new friends “fellow bloggers”.

    now all you can see is copies of all .. only a few of them has managed to put on a nice blog to be called a real blog!!!!

    now what should we do?! .. should we stop blogging since elna’6ra for the blogger is becoming different now mn el nas o men el sharekat as well?!!

    i believe whoever want to have a blog let him\her go on and make one .. but at least let there be a goal in mind .. like if i ask you why you opened your blog .. madry should not be your answer .. neither to get free stuff!!

    • danderma says:

      Madry should not be an answer… I’d rather take a “I want things ibbalash” then a madry… at least its more honest!
      I remember your Spanian blog wallah… good days! 3la gooltik let them have some fun 😛

  6. Ins says:

    I think its very pathetic for bloggers to beg and squeeze in invitations for events.

    I am working in a company where we organise new store openings etc very often. And sometimes, there are these bloggers who keep begging and pleading for an invite. And yes, I agree that they try to spread a bad name of the company/brand if they find you too arrogant because you did not invite them to the event. These people need to really think… You need to work hard and prove yourself through your blog to get invited. Period.

    • danderma says:

      As a person who works in a company, do you usually allow people who come forward demanding an invitation to get it? Then again begging for an invite is one thing, threatening to bad mouth you is another, that’s blackmail! Would they show their faces if you do invite them after threatening you?

  7. Owlolive says:

    Whenever you make posts that discuss the blogosphere I get giddy with happiness! I love how you approach the subject with a fair, unbiased point of view, while still staying true to your own strong opinion and the voice of your blog. I’ve actually seen a few other bloggers try to criticize and look into the blogosphere’s practices, but many of them approach the subject with abrasive hot-headedness and they never really get the point across.

    Just had to say that and applaud you on your great, balanced style right off the bat. 😀

    As far as the way new bloggers seem to be angling businesses and companies left and right for invites even when the companies themselves have shown no prior interest, I don’t know if I blame the bloggers or the companies themselves. I mean, sure, these new bloggers may not really care about the hard work and the long effort it takes to get a blog well known for the right reasons, but these companies certainly shouldn’t be accomadating this kind of lazy and dishonest attitude. It’s not in the interest of the companies and its certainly not in the interest of the blogosphere. If these bloggers are not allowed to take these shortcuts, then they’ll learn what it really means to work your hiney off in order to get your blog out there. They’ll know they have to put in an effort that goes beyond attending events and taking–in fact, they’ll learn that these things are perks and privileges they should be humbled by AND THEY ARE BY NO MEANS ENTITLED TO THEM.

    I mean, compared to a blog as time-respected as yours (and many others), my blog is just a fetus. I’ve only been doing this for a little over a year. I know that I’ve got a lot to learn about navigating the blogosphere and all that comes with it. But, throughout this short time, I’ve been humbled by some wonderful invites from wonderful companies and business, and its a good feeling knowing that I’m being so graciously included in these great events. And that’s really what all up and coming bloggers need to know: if you put in a real, meaningful effort, then put your blog out there for the world to see through social media and networking, you will eventually get noticed.

    People will invite you and give you worth because you earned it. It’s really as simple as that.

    • danderma says:

      Some of the blame goes to companies who would extend the invitation to anyone who calls themselves a blogger and set up a blog regardless of what content -or lack of it- they have and regardless of the quality of reviews they will be getting eventually. There should be a certain criteria for sending out invitation rather than just gathering numbers but I suppose the way it is the more the merrier. C’est la vie.

  8. Mohd says:

    Well said, it really annoys me how some bloggers beg for invitations and ads and all they wanna posts about r ads or YouTube vids. Some times when i go though Botamba i feel sorry on how blogging have become ads, fake reviews, Youtube and copy paste posts.

    basically the r ruining blogging & sometimes ruining the reputation of real bloggers.

    • danderma says:

      Sadly I agree… many people have began to view bloggers as nothing but gold diggers who would do any review just for a few KD’s or some gift. Not everything is worth a review and not everything can be reviewed and events and products aside there are many things in life that we can indeed review. Only not many people want to sift the blogs and see which one is different and which one is repetitive. Therefore its easier to go with the crowds.