Help: Can You Fix Scrambled Pictures?

By | February 12, 2013


One day you are sitting on your computer browsing through your data and then BAM something happens and your hard disk is busted. You take the device to a data recovery specialist, you pay money to have your data back, and most of it is indeed back. Now you plug your recovered data into the computer, from the file viewer you can see your precious pictures, the preview window shows it as it should be, but when you click on some of the pictures, it transforms right infront of your eyes into the scrambled mess you see in the picture at the begining of the post. What’s up with that?

Thankfully not all of the pictures are scrambled  but I have pretty good ones that I’d like to unscramble and have back! Is there anyway, any program, any service, that  would transform the scrambled pictures into their former glory? All smooth and nice? They look fine in the window view, why do they transform when I open them? Some of them transformed infront of my eyes right there in Picasa, one by one, slowly. It was like watching a flower wilting away in extra fast motion or something. Help!

Oh and so I don’t forget, always remember this: back up your files now, NOW. Back up back up back up BACK UP!

6 Responses to “Help: Can You Fix Scrambled Pictures?”

  1. Rummy says:

    I am suffering with the same thing =(

  2. Adsonic says:

    I feel it might be your monitor starting to go south. As for the hard disk, what did you do to make it stop working. Did the case fell on its side or anything? Was it getting power but it was not showing on the main menu? Was there a clicking noise going out from it?

    • danderma says:

      No its not the monitor for sure. I tried it on a Mac and two different PC’s and the same thing happened to it.
      The hardsisk fell on the floor while it was connected to the computer and the case cracked open. When I closed it it gave the clicking sounds and was unusable. Getting back most of the data was a relief but I’m looking for to fix the pictures that come out this way.

  3. Adsonic says:

    Do you still have the old Hard disk? If yes, please email me few pics of it along with the model number.

    • danderma says:

      No I threw it away. I think it was a WD but I don’t know the model number I’m afraid. Does it make a difference?