Chemical Free Yellow Pop Corn for your Next Movie Night …

Siaya By | November 8, 2009

New Orleans YPC09

I found some pop corn kernels in TSC with the label ‘Yellow Pop Corn’! Apparently it’s being grown without chemicals.. and since i never knew the original white pop corn had chemicals i was intrigued and wanted to try it at once!!!

By the way… it tastes exactly the same as white pop corn, only you know it’s healthier 😀










13 Responses to “Chemical Free Yellow Pop Corn for your Next Movie Night …”

  1. ozarkhomesteader says:

    Yellow and white are just varieties–as is red, blue, etc. All can have chemical residue or be free of them.

  2. Standy says:

    hmm, interesting.. i never knew that!!
    3aleeki bil 3afiya :)

  3. nosa says:

    thats weird! i never knew white popcorn had chamicals!!
    is it normal or they add it for coloring?

  4. ansam518 says:

    bel3afia :-) You know I like peaches and cream corn (not popcorn) wish they bring it to Kuwait :-(

  5. FhD says:

    Dont you have to cover the top so they wont pop out ??

  6. Q80BOY says:

    basna akil basnaaaa !!! 😛 😛

  7. Technologic says:

    yummy waay aby nw popcorn wshkra blel movie m3ah popcorn 😛

  8. eshda3wa says:

    its been ages since i had popcorn chithy

    kela microwaved ones!

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    I remember when we were kids there were colored pop corn kernels that when popped would give green and red and blue pop corn… haven’t seen them in years though!


    Neither did i! allah ye3afeech hon!


    ana b3d tawny adri! Maybe they grow it without chemicals?


    Sweety ,,, two words for u ‘Dean & Deluca’! Ask them to bring it?


    ooh yes i do, i actually in a bout of legafa tried taking pictures of it popping but it flew every where o it was a big mess 😀

    Q80 Boy

    FYI dude this is HEALTHY! it’s a healthy snack if u do not add butter to it… better yet air pop it and you can have the whole bowl… have i not provided anything but healthy food lately?!?


    A7la shay 3ad Sunday movie night… something to look forward to since Sunday is amlaq day in the week!


    I tried all microwaved ones… but i always end up with a glue like taste in my mouth afterwards, fa i chose to go by the old method 😀

  10. Amy says:

    Pesticides help plants grow quicker…so basically they let the popcorn grow naturally, which is ironically something you would expect 😀

  11. ozarkhomesteader says:

    Goodness, Amy, do you work for Monsanto? Pesticides do not help plants grow quicker. They kill both good and bad bugs. And there’s nothing natural about most pesticides. Unless they are certified organic, they generally contain petro-chemicals. Who wants to eat that? Not me!

    You can get popping corn in colors naturally from sources like Seeds of Change. One variety that’s really easy for home gardeners is a strawberry popcorn.

  12. Daddy's Girl says:


    hmmm but i would feel much better knowing those pesticides are not mingling with my pop corn… ya rabi kil shay feeh chemicals now adays!!!


    you are not from around here are you? Unfortunately in Kuwait we have microwaveable pop corn, or normal old traditional pop corn… so meeting this kind of pop corn is something

    I would how ever love to taste the peach pop corn or strawberry pop corn, i wonder how they taste? and whether or not they are sold in the UK? i will have to google that…

  13. ozarkhomesteader says:

    Ah, I understand now. Well, the popcorn you found looks mighty tasty! Strawberry popcorn tastes pretty much like the other kinds, only the hull is red. Here are some for sale in the US:

    Happy popping!