The $11,000.00 Coffee Machine

order ivermectin over the counter By | November 3, 2009 clv

Kathua Being a coffee fan and the daughter to a man who literally collects coffee machines, I found out about a machine every one is raving about: The Clover Coffee Maker! There are only 250 machines available in the world, brews one cup of coffee at time yet that one cup of coffee is “supposedly” AMAH-ZING! They also cost $11,000 each!

Why is it amazing? Supposedly the technology it uses has algorithms and 6 modes of controlling thingies and a whole science behind it. It also makes Turkish Coffee!Unfortunately the machine is not for sale :`(

But i want one myself! Or to at least try it! Problem is, the company that made it was bought by Starbucks and no more machines are to be produced again, ever. Yet, Starbucks does operate the machine in some selected stores in the USA of course and people who are in those lucky lucky cities can confirm the fabolousness of that intriguing cup of coffee!

You should see the step by step guide to brewing coffee using the clover by visiting  . Now, if you are living or visiting anywhere near Seattle, Boston, or San Francissco, and you are coming to Kuwait, can you please bring me back a cup? Or if you know someone at Al Shaya ask them to bring one machine to the middle east? Please?

6 Responses to “The $11,000.00 Coffee Machine”

  1. ansam518 says:

    walla ya 7elo el nespresso machine o ya 7elo si3irha hahaha

  2. FourMe says:

    I want a cuppa!!

  3. Standy says:

    loool… you are a coffee junkie..

  4. Daddy's Girl says:


    I love il Nespressowat ile 3ndi.. but i want to try this one :(


    Me too… mo teshrebeen gabli o itsaween khyanaaat


    well… ishwaya ee 😀

  5. Q80BOY says:

    tawa Orange juice il7een coffe 😛

    mm i love coffe .. not a fan of the taste tho .. bs the smell!!

  6. eshda3wa says:

    email alshaya and suggest it