What’s Inside a Bloggerette’s Bag?

By | February 28, 2013


The other day I was out with my fellow bloggerette Pink Girl and while we were both paying and it was taking forever to do so, my sight fell on our two bags sitting side by side gaping open, each filled to the brim with stuff we can no longer leave the house without. I noticed a lot of similarities between our two bags so let me list them in the points below.

  1. Coslada The bag itself. Must be big and sturdy yet stylish. Even though I prefer clutches and small nano bags to big heavy ones but a small bag isn’t enough to carry all my stuff. The bag must also come with a shoulder strap so you can hang it on your shoulder while you are busy writing things down or taking pictures. Having separate compartments for different items inside the bag is a bonus so you don’t waste time trying to look for, say, your iPhone. Time is precious for bloggers.
  2. buy disulfiram pills A camera! I personally take my Canon DSLR everywhere I go now but I’m considering getting a new more compact camera to have it always on the go while my precious DSLR stays at home.
  3. A pen and a notepad. To jot down details or information of places you’ve been to or people you’ve met and you don’t want to forget their names.
  4. One smart phone at least. I can’t go anywhere without my iPhone but all my attention is on my iPhone and my iPhone only. Its my portal to the social media! I use it to post things on Facebook, twitter, instagram, Keek, and the rest of the hoopla that is the social media applications. I also use it to take pictures on the go and receive my blog emails. Other bloggers I know carry up to three smart phones in their bag: iPhone, a Samsung, and a Blackberry for the BBM.
  5. An extra battery/charger. You know the one? The thing that is like a power source on its own and you can use -or lend- to charge your smart phone especially if you are in an event and you’ve already used up your short-lived smart phone battery.
  6. The smart phone charger. Better safe than sorry, what if your battery charger is depleted?
  7. A stack of your blog’s business cards. I still don’t have those on me but I know a lot of bloggers, local and international, who do and carry it around to give out when meeting other people.
  8. Car Keys and a wallet. So you can drive around and get to places/events or buy a cup of coffee while you wait for something to happen.
  9. A tissue box, wet wipes, a compact mirror, and mints. So you are always fresh no matter what you’ve eater or what you encounter while you are busy taking pictures of something and forgetting what’s going on around you.
  10. Plasters, some Panadol, and Gaviscon tablets. I often find that I’ve scratched my self and start bleeding when I lose myself taking pictures. Plasters are a must in my bag. The Panadol, its for those days when you have one of those bloody headaches that just won’t go away. As for the Gaviscon, well I can’t eat anything without the fear of getting stomach pains so they are always in my bag to help me bear the pain.

Do you have anything more to add my fellow bloggerettes? What about you guy bloggers, do you have to carry a bag with you and if you do, what’s inside?

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