How Do you Drink your Water?

By | March 13, 2013

IMG_0662-1I went to see a dietitian a few years back and the first thing he told me after finally making it through the doors of his office is the following “Fat + H2o = burn”. A coffee addict and not much of a water fan myself, I began drinking more and more, sometimes forcing myself to drink water even if I’m not thirsty and I have to say it did make a differance.

If I’m not on a diet and I don’t drink enough water, then I don’t lose weight. If I get a sudden headache, I try to drink at least half a litre of water and on most occasions that works. I sometimes trick myself into skipping meals without feeling hungry by eating a small piece of chocolate followed by half a litre of water and my appetite would be suppressed at once. Water is good for me even though I’m skeptical regarding the forcing yourself to drink two or more litres of water when you are not thirsty. I wouldn’t mind drinking it all in the form of coffee but apparently coffee does the opposite of what water is supposed to do and you have to double your intake of water or something.

My point is, water is good for me, I don’t have to drink 2 litres everyday but I do have to drink some. I drink mine at room temperature and I hate cold water. I currently drink Volvic bottled water as its my favourite but some say don’t drink bottled water because it causes kidney stones or whatever. I’m thankful we have good clean water to drink at all to be frank when people on other parts of the world live in draughts and famine. However, there are days when I don’t drink a single cup and I look at the cup/bottle and I need to be coaxed into drinking it and that doesn’t make me happy.

Sometimes I add a few slices of lime and mint leaves to the water and the water flavour would have a mojito like tang, albeit a very faint one. A friend of mine once told me she workouts with water that has two or three drops of apple juice in it to help flavour the water and gives a hint of sugar. There are also flavoured water bottles available in the Co-ops but for some reason I don’t feel like trying them out, I’m not a fan of artificial flavourings and sweeteners in my water. I find out that keeping a bottle of water in my bag helps a lot on days when I don’t feel like drinking any but I need more ideas.

So, if you are a water drinker, do you have any tips/ideas/variations on drinking water? Please do share.

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  1. Sabana says:

    I have the same problem and yes it does help lose weight and feel more energetic. A very small percentage of hydration could cause a lot of problems: headache, laziness, water retention, etc. And bigger percentage causes more serious problems. Anyway what I usually do is take out two bottles of water (50 cL each; half liter) and make sure the day doesn’t end without me having finished the two bottles. I don’t force myself to drink more than a liter each day given that i’m petite, whereas someone huger would need more i’d imagine? I don’t know.
    I also replaced my soda drinks with Perrier (it’s not the same as still water, but better than soda).
    How long have you been “forcing” yourself to drink water? if you only started recently, then give it more time, it’ll stick and you’ll feel very tired and “heavy” on days when you don’t drink enough water. It’ll become natural to drink water to avoid that yucky feeling of being heavy, bloated and tired.

    Good luck.

    • danderma says:

      Hmmm I’ve been trying to force myself to drink water for around two years now… sometimes if I have the time and have the bottles with me I force myself to finish them but other times I don’t even have time to buy water bottles so I don’t realize I’m dehydrated until its too late :(

  2. Newq8bride says:

    As you mentioned , if I am on diet i keep drinking water all day , a bottle is always there on my desk or purse .

    I heard that flavored water will help you drink more , but i didn’t like it . So I keep reminding myself , If i want to loose weight i Have to drink more water

    • danderma says:

      I used to not like flavored water but mint with water is very refreshing and different. Try it and see.

  3. Ins says:

    Water really works when it comes to weight loss.

    To remind myself to drink water – I have a very colorful and bright funky water bottle on my office desk and it has a capacity of atleast 2 huge glasses. I keep drinking from it and re-fill it atleast 2 times a day. Since I drink coffee on a regular basis, I need to drink more water to re-hydrate myself. I carry a nice small water bottle (not plastic bottle) with me in my handbag always so that I can just keep sipping on the go! I make it a point to drink atleast 1 glass of water before leaving for work in the morning.. it can cover up if I tend to miss drinking water in the afternoons. Also, I practice drinking atleast 1 huge glass of water before my meals. It makes me feel full and I tend to eat less (no overeating). Oh, and I have read in many articles that we shouldn’t drink water after meals…but I dont know the reason why. ;S

    I hope this helps you and you can practice drinking more water now. It’s got a LOT of benefits…

    • danderma says:

      I think the glass of water with or after the meal will dilute the acid used to digest your food or something similar, someone once told me that anyway I’m not sure how correct is that.

  4. sheikha says:

    What helped in my case is drinking herbal caffeine free teas. They are flavorful, calorie free and good for you. I choose teas of therapeutic properties such as chamomile, Raspberry leaf, Echinacea… do give it a try.

    • danderma says:

      Do they count? In terms of water intake? I drink the raspberry white tea and chamomile all the time!

  5. shizzy says:

    I also hate”d” drinking water. To attract myself in to drinking water i buy pretty water bottles, drinking cups, glasses so pouring water in it and drinking it makes it look fun for me. honestly, it works. every day at work i fill up my ”pretty” glass with water and by 12 o clock i try to finish it. and similar the other half of the day.
    now i actually get thirsty and feel like my body needs water.
    hope this helps.

    • danderma says:

      Pretty glass eh? Never thought of that before I usually drink from the bottle directly! I will try that next time and see if it helps, thank you!