The “AquaPlan” water drinking application

By | March 14, 2013

After I posted about drinking water yesterday (post) my friend Shaima sent me pictures of a water drinking app she is using called “AquaPlan”. The application actually calculates how much water your body needs to keep it hydrated per day according to your weight, then will divide the amount of water into number of glasses and distribute it through your waking hours, reminding you with an alert to drink your next one and calculating your drinking progress throughout the day.


wra2The idea of the app is very straightforward. Simple yet very handful and very easy to use. The App “AquaPlan” is available in the iPhone App store (link)  if you are interested in keeping track with keeping up with your daily water intake. Thank you Shaima dear, this is just what I needed :)


Elegant Chic on March 19, 2013 at 14:21.

I used Water Your Body, an Android app, for 2 months and I now can have my daily intake without the help of the app.


danderma on March 20, 2013 at 09:44.

That’s good I suppose. It means the healthy habit of drinking water is now part of your lifestyle.


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