These are a Few of my Favourite Things…

buy stromectol pills By | March 17, 2013

how to get Latuda online mmw-1The one thing I miss most on those dreadful Sunday mornings are my quiet Friday afternoons. I rarely go out on Friday before evening, if at all. I like to stay in and take a day off the face of the earth. After breakfast and the Friday prayers and rituals, I do a bit of housework, order in some lunch while watching something I like on TV. Then when all the hoopla is over its time its time for my favourite things to come together… 

My coffee, my strong black -bottomless- coffee. My beautiful retro coasters. Something to read whether its a good novel, an interesting biography, or the latest issue of my favourite magazine. My iPhone beeping away while being used as a music playing iPod playing my favourite songs. My chocolate, again bottomless though diminishing too fast. I take a bite of chocolate, followed by a sip of the bitter coffee, and the combination is exquisite. I look at pretty thing, or read about interesting things, and let my imagination fly away. I can be whomever I want, wherever I want, however I want while drinking coffee and eating chocolate. If the weather is nice I’d open the window and the gentle breeze would ruffle my favourite curtain, making the softest sound as it hits my favourite acrylic side table where all of my favourite things reside. Then I look up and realise how serene it is and I decide to use my favourite camera to snap a picture and remind myself why I love my Friday afternoons so much.

Nothing but me, quietness, and my favourite things that I love in my favourite afternoon of the week! Its my time and my time only and currently I’m missing it desperately. I wish everyday was Friday, with nothing to do but be lazy. Alas, five more days to go until I’m reunited with my favourite things in the peace and quiet I so urgently seek.

What about you, what are a few of your favourite things?

6 Responses to “These are a Few of my Favourite Things…”

  1. Eiman says:

    For me Friday has always been a gloomy day, it is still the end of the week in Saudi. Kids are crying as they suddenly remember that one test or homework they did not finish, parents are angry and running all over the place to fix the situation, even the house workers are busy buying the week supply of groceries and doing the laundry. At least this is how it was in my house growing up. I tried to change my feelings about Friday since I moved to the UK, but I hated it even more. Every Friday afternoon I would watch people from my desk by the window go out dressed up in party clothing; the old ladies who occupy the four houses in front of my building switch all their lights up and start receiving visitors. This deepened my feeling of loneliness. However, on the bright side, early mornings are my favourite time ever. I can feel nothing but happiness in that specific time of the day. For some reason I feel that the world is speaking to me and that I am more closer to God so nothing bad can happen!! I cannot explain this feeling.. Thus, I always make sure even in week days to wake up extra early in order to have some time to sit and relax doing nothing for at least 30 minutes before I go out to school. I think I am bit lucky since I can experience the feeling you described on a daily basis, but for sure not in a Friday afternoon. Thanks for the inspirational post..

    • danderma says:

      You are most welcome dear :) It doesn’t matter which day it is, what matters is that you have a time of peace and quiet where you and only your matter in this world :)

  2. Lily Young says:

    Late nights or early mornings , snuggled in a warm blanket with a good novel.

  3. Kuweight 64 says:

    What a beautifully written post. Enjoyed reading every sentence. Sometimes solitude is bliss. To be enjoying your favorite drink/food and doing the things you most enjoy on a quiet day surrounded by your favorite things, on a specially chosen day and plunging into state of peace and calm is so soothing, nourishing to the soul, yet rejuvenating. Thanks for sharing this beautiful inspiring post Danderma.