Do you Take Calls After a Certain Hour? By | March 18, 2013 cmipc-016I remember a time in my life when time made sense to people. There was a certain cutoff time for going out, visiting, sleeping, watching TV, or calling people. Ever since the internet was introduced into our lives and we were taken up by the whirlwind of the smart phone usage time seems to make no sense to anyone anymore!

Klintsy In the past, it was inappropriate to make phone calls to someone before 8 A.M. or after 9 P.M. unless it was an emergency. At least that’s the way it was in my surroundings and I still get freaked out if I get a phone call early in the morning because it must mean a catastrophe has struck. Though I mind the morning phone calls and not much of a fan of phone calls anyway, I don’t mind getting calls after 10 P.M. or 11 P.M. at the max. My husband gets irritated and won’t answer a phone call if it came after 9:30 P.M. and will complain until the next day if I answer my phone after 9:30 P.M.

Perhaps we are old fashioned, but we already are receiving whatsapps, instagram comments, tweets, and emails all day long. Is it necessary to want to chat after 11 P.M. when we should all be turning the lights down and getting ready for bed? Is it even appropriate to get a 100+ whatsapp notifications from a group that wakes you up at 1 A.M or an email from a company requesting a post at 2:30 A.M.? Is there such a thing as “appropriate” at all in the digital age?

Of course you can always switch off your phone and no one will bother you that way but what if I’m the one doing the calling/texting? Should the etiquette of making a phone call include sending texts, or should it be OK to call regardless of the hour of day now that everyone is connected 24 hours? Do you still apply the rule of not taking calls after a certain hour, or is that notion not applicable anymore?

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  1. Fatemah says:

    I still find it kind of embaraccing to call or text a friend after 10 p.m or before 9 a.m . What’sup is o.k though…not sure why ..just my rule :)
    Family members are an exception…I can stretch the rule for one more hour after and before.
    My dad still gets freaked out if he receives a call after 11 p.m ..he always thinks that something happened. Great topic for discussion

    • danderma says:

      I think because with whatsapp you are giving the recepient a choice whether or not to respond at their convenience while with a phone call you demand instant reaction. I wouldn’t whatsapp anyone after, say, 11 P.M. unless its a critical matter or an extension of a long whatsapp converstation.

  2. Noura says:

    This is how we were raised , no calls after 8 pm and still I follow the same protocols with my siblings, especially when their school friends call around 8:30 pm and some time @ 9 pm, for unrelated school issues, and some times especially in Ramadhan, I get extremely troubled when a friend, or even a family member calls @ 11 pm or even 12 pm, saying its Ramdahan and people do stay late, this is not an excuse, my life changes just slightly from my day to day schedule or what applies before Ramadhan still the same.

    But ironically, my cousin called me yesterday at 11 pm, I totally freaked out, assuming some thing happened to them or my uncle, but he just wanted to say Salam, my hand was shaking and could not sleep till after mid night.

    • danderma says:

      Exactly my point, a late night or an early morning phone call would’ve scared me as well! Lool in Ramadhan every rule regarding time is thrown out of the window I suppose, I miss Ramadhan!

  3. Ansam says:

    For me it is safe to call 10 to 10, not before or after! I would send a text or IM via whatsapp or BBM to check if its ok to call if it was outside those hours range

    • danderma says:

      I usually do that too. I wonder if people calling outside these hours think this is too restricitive in this day and age?

  4. miszbuf10 says:

    This has been a problem for me ever since I moved here, in my country we are used to going to bed at 8-9pm maximum on weekdays. You will never hear the phone ring or a knock at the door unless it is an absolute emergency. Here with my new family they’re awake at all hours, I get knocks on my door starting from 6am and not ending until 2-3am in the morning. It is horrible.

  5. Nawaf AL-Rudaini says:

    I take calls as long as my mobiles are switched on. At 10pm, I switch them off, and leave them off till I get in the car the next day. Only exception is Weekends, when I leave my personal mobile on until I go to sleep, mostly chatting in the family’s whatsapp group.

    • danderma says:

      Zain itsawee, we are begining to do that as well because these days people find nothing wrong with calling you after midnight just to chat