These are More of my Favorite Things…

By | March 24, 2013


Another Sunday is here and again I’m longing for my beautiful weekend with my few hours of peace and quiet. Why does time fly when you want to savor it, and crawl like a snail when you want to get something over with? I wish the time would come when humanity would realize that a three-day weekend is the ultimate solution to the weekend blues. Imagine having three days of peace and quiet every single week?

Last Friday afternoon I was all alone in the house, the sun light was streaming in through the curtains,  birds were chirping outside, I was a bit nostalgic to my favorite drink as a kid so I made myself a cup of Nescafe with skimmed milk in my 20-years-old favorite mug. I sliced up a red glowing royal gala apple, I love love LOVE apples and of all the apples I enjoy royal gala the most. I had a new book, Cashmere by local author Mishari Al-Obaid, that was highly recommended to be by fellow writers whose taste I trust.

In that afternoon, I was happy and calm. The world around me reduced to me and my favorite things only. I look at my favorite mug and it holds the happy days of my past. I bite into a slice of apple, the crunch of which reminds me I’m trying to keep my future doctors-free. Then I flip the pages of the book and I enjoy living in the present of someone else. My current present doesn’t even come close to that moment but still, if it weren’t for the moments of stress, we wouldn’t feel the value of the moments of calm now would we?

Just so you know, my dear reader, that these posts are mainly for me. To remind me of the things that brought calm to me in the years to come. I often look back through my blog archives and remember things I used to do that made me happy and calm but are long forgotten especially when I’m sad or anxious. This blog, after all, is my very digital journal and timeline. Have a blessed week and may the weekend be here faster than a blink.

4 Responses to “These are More of my Favorite Things…”

  1. Eiman says:

    These posts are not for you only, they are for anyone who needs to be reminded with the blessings they have. It is a constant to count our blessings and feel grateful because feelings are contiguous. Hence, eventually this might help in making the world a better place. So my dear Danderma, never underestimate the power of sharing your thoughts, and more importantly never apologise for words that came from your the right place in your heart !!

    • danderma says:

      Its good to know that my thoughts are beneficial to others. I’m not apologising for my words though, I’m simply pointing out the obvious since sometimes people mistake my blog for something its not :)

    • Eiman says:

      Sorry, I just noticed how many mistakes I made while trying to edit my comment, but I am sure you understood what I was trying to say.. Thanks, as always!