The One Hundred Days Countdown for Ramadan

Ar Raqqah By | March 31, 2013

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This morning I woke up to a very exciting piece of news: today, Sunday the 31 March 2013, means it’s only 100 more days till the first of day of the Holy month of Ramadan! I read that on instagram and suddenly I could smell the aroma of incense mixed with Arabian coffee and crushed cardamom, I could hear the sound of prayers from the nearby mosques and the wise words of the Holy Quran being recited. I could see the traditional dresses radiating with bling and the children clapping in  the street going from door to door singing and asking for qerqaian candy. In one second all that reminds me of ramadan came crashing and I realised, with the fondest pang, that I miss Ramadan so so much.

Only a hundred more days, and tomorrow 99! You can already notice the Ramadan preparations: traditional dara’a exhibitions popping up everywhere, traditional gifts and qergaian ideas and orders being placed, and reservations to visit holy Mecca are being made. This Ramadan is extra special for me, you see I was born in Ramadan, on the fifth of Ramadan to be exact and this year my two birthdays (17th of July and 5th of Ramadan) will be in the very same day for the first time! That happens once every 33 years by the way :)

I love Ramadan. I love everything about it. I love its food, its drowsy mornings we spend at work wondering what are we doing up so early and why didn’t we schedule our vacations in Ramadan. I love its afternoons when you return home, hungry but feeling calm and serene especially if you sit on your prayers mat with a copy of the Holy Quran. I love its evenings when you are famished, but you are trying to prepare something delicious for futoor and tweeting with your friends on twitter, discussing the latest advances in the ridiculous shows that are on TV.

I love its futoor time, when you have just finished your Maghrib prayers and you sit down on the table, laden with all you wanted to eat and couldn’t during the day. I love the after-futoor couch and tea time, having quality time with your loved ones. I love the night time, the prayers, the shopping for eid, the ghabgas and visitations with friends and family. I love the Suhoor time, when you eat something light with a few too many cups of water and then spend the time till the morning prayers in silence, praying.

I love Ramadan. Everything about Ramadan. I can’t wait for Ramadan to be here and insah2 Allah by god’s will we will live long enough to witness its arrival and enjoy its holy days again. Allah y3oodna insha2 Allah <3

6 Responses to “The One Hundred Days Countdown for Ramadan”

  1. Eiman says:

    I am just intrigued to comment only to wish you a blissful Ramadan and a happy birthday.
    I always imagined that I am older than you!! However, you are just a tiny bit older (only ten months difference). I was planing to make my 33 birthday special inshallah by having my viva (the PhD defence) on the same date or at least the same month next year, but thanks to you, you made me realize that it is already special since my two dates of birth will finally match the original one.
    May all your wishes come true :)

    • danderma says:

      Lool ten months is not a tiny bit older, its almost an entire year, oh young one :)
      Happy birthday and happy Viva! Allah ybale’3na Ramadan o our birthdays ib 9e7a o 3afiya insah2 Allah with the people that we love.

  2. Mary says:

    While I do not observe ramadan, I too absolutely love ramadan in kuwait. I love the atmosphere. I love noting the preparations made by those who observe ramadan. I love the calmness of the hours leading to the break of fast(at least on the roads, I am sure the kitchens at home are busy :))
    I love having the oppurtunity to visit restaurants and participate at the break of fast with the rest of kuwait. I love the late closing of stores, which give you more hours of the day to shop:).
    I almost hate taking annual leave during ramadan. Because this would mean missing this once-a-year celebration that can happen only in the middle east.
    Yes, I too love Ramadan.

    • danderma says:

      It’s almost like something shifts in the air, like the sun comes out from a different angle or something. I can’t fully express it but I think you got what I mean. I beg to differ with you regarding the calmness of the roads, it gets absolutely crazy but perhaps that’s inside residential areas where everyone is scrambling to get back home and break their fast with their families? Especially if they were being sent out to distribute the “noqsa” or food from your iftar meal to family and friends? Its one of the things I look forward to, the noqsa sans the traffic that is :)

      I can’t wait <3

  3. Jacqui says:

    It will definitely be a weird one this year simply because the hours which we break fast will be much later than before maybe around 6:30/7-ish (I’m ballparking it at the moment) but can’t wait for when everyone all around the arab world starts living like I do, becoming a night owl! 😛

    • danderma says:

      6:30is… loool hon I think almost everybody in the Arabi world is already a night owl :p