The Taken for Granted Breakfast By | April 2, 2013

Silchar gmb-1 We take too many things in life for granted, never really appreciating their worth until the day we stop having them around. Who would have thought that one day a simple everyday breakfast setting of cereal and milk with some coffee would be something of a reckless luxury for me?


There was a time in the past few months when a simple sip of coffee would make my heartbeat go crazy and I’d be too agitated and scared I had to, reluctuntly, switch to decaf. When decaf didn’t resolve thing, neither did tea, the only thing I could drink with my breakfast is the chamomile.


Coffee for chamomile? Turns out I’m not much of a fan of chamomile, the scent of it alone makes me want to cry. I remembered those coffee-less months while I poured my perfectly brewed cup of strong coffee, the warm brown liquid creating a gorgeous honey coloured froth on the very top of the cup, and I can’t imagine how one day I had to give that up. Thank god I can have coffee again, I’m never going to take my beloved cup of joe for granted again.


And cereal? Cereal makes me fat, period. All kinds of cereal: sugary, chocolatey, fiber laden, low fat, rice based, wheat based, corn based, whole grain cereal. If its cereal, it will make me fat. It always did, ever since I was a teenager I began noticing how cereal made me gain weight like I was feasting on butter sticks dipped in sugar.


Therefore, my days of cereal eating just for the sake of craving it for breakfast are long gone. I have to be really and absolutely craving it and if I do eat it, I  have to arrange all my meals afterwards to accomodate it. How I miss waking up to simple bowl of cereal whenever I felt like it.


To have cereal you must have milk. To have milk means my stomach will make me pay the price. I’m not lactose intolerant per say but my stomach acts up when I drink pure milk for some reason. As a child I adored milk, I loved it in all its forms and flavors especially if it was powder milk. Sometimes, I ate milk powder with a spoon and for a change I’d add a few spoonfuls of Nesquick’s chocolate powder. Sometimes I can get away with milk especially if it was steamed in a cappucino but other days my crazy stomach simply doesn’t want me to drink it.

gmb-009-1 Therefore, a combniation of coffee, milk, and cereal for breakfast is no longer something I can simply have just off the top of my head. I used to eat that breakfast all the time. Even as a child I have a Nescafe with milk to go with my cereal. I never thought that one day I will be longing for a breakfast of cereal with milk and coffee and that when I have that breakfast, I consider it a treat.


Enjoy what you have been dealt in life, you don’t know how long you can have it for. Don’t take simple mundane things you do everyday for granted. Oh, and enjoy the stomach and metabolism while you still have it, eat up!

8 Responses to “The Taken for Granted Breakfast”

  1. Sheikha says:

    Are you a fan of oatmeal? have you tried Al-Maraie’s lacto free milk? milk gave me upset stomachs till I turned to lactofree. It is a good a thing that you have steered clear of cereal because it is quite high in sugar. You are better off eating healthier options.

    • danderma says:

      Not really a big fan of oatmeal but since I don’t drink milk that often and if I do I tend to drink a little bit buying the lacto free milk would be a waste since I’ll only drink a little bit and leave the rest to spoil. I wish they’d make it into the small 200ml containers so it would be more portable and you can take it everywhere with you. As for cereal even the sugar free one I’d eat with fruit or plain sugarless make me gain weight lel asaf :(

  2. Eiman says:

    Cereals are my worst enemy, the tiniest bit will make me gain weight soooo fast. However, I thought I would share a previous experience I had that cured me from the heart problem I developed after becoming an addict to coffee.
    It is all related to cutting back things that can make your blood pressure and Oxygen lower. Therefore, you should make sure you:
    1/ eat red meats or any natural source for iron such as raisins ,
    2/ drink a LOT of water, your heart usually starts to beat very hard because your blood is not as fluid as it should be (it is thicker so it makes it hard to pump it through your vanes which is why your heart pumps even harder),
    3/ you should get your reasonable amount of sleep because this also makes your heart weaker and then you might feel sometimes like you are suffocating.

    If you start to feel at anytime that you are experiencing a heart beet problem, the fastest cure is to drink water right away until it starts to get better.
    I learned the hard way 😀 .. I was taken to the hospital once for this reason, and my friend also had a similar case with green tea and these were the doctors’ advises that worked for us both..

    • danderma says:

      Interesting! Thank you for letting me know, never thought water had a role in all o that. True I weren’t able to sleep well for the past few years and I barely drank any water. Another reason why I should keep sipping water throughout the day.

  3. baglady says:

    My stomach can’t tolerate milk so I switched to Almond milk. It is made out of almonds, is low calories compared to milk from cows, and is suitable for vegetarians/vegans (like myself). Plus when you added to coffee it gives it a nice flavor.

    • danderma says:

      I didn’t like almond milk much, it reminds me of “Sharbat Baithan” so I’d rather use milk whenever I can.

  4. Mrs.E says:

    I have the same problem with any milk other than skimmed. Even though scientifically there really is no difference in lactose content, but it does make all the difference with me.

    • danderma says:

      Maybe the fat content helps in absorbing or not absorbing something? Then again I have a stomach that acts on its own account so I can totally understand.